Community Sponsorships

We strongly value our relationship with the VW camper community—and what a community it is! There are scores of VW camper events, and amazing projects taking place across the country, and we love to contribute whenever and wherever we can. Each year, we allocate funds to help promote the camper culture, so If you're interested in some GoWesty sponsorship, please send your request here. We have a finite budget—and we receive lots of requests—so get yours in early!

AAA VW Club - Buses and Balloons 
Arizona Bus Club - Jerome Jamboree
Asheville Van Life Rally
Bay State VW Owners Club - Transporterfest Volkswagen Day
Bus City Event
Bus Fusion
Bus Invasion
Buses by the Beach
Buses by the Big Duck
Buses by the Bridge
Buses Nowhere Near the Arch  
Buses on the River
Bustoberfest at Blue Rocks
Chippewa Valley Volksagen Club - Dub Jam 
City Bus Event
City of Firsts Volkswagen Club
Connecticut VW Association - Volks-Meet Event
Danny Walton's Mountain Niceness
Das Volks Vintage Volkswagen Gruppe
Deschutes River RendezVW
Double J Motorwerks Event
Dripfest 2013
Dub Splash
East Texas Vee Dub Club
Empire VW Camping Club
Finger Lake Region VW Club - Westies at Watkins Glen
Flagstaff KOA Kampground - High Altitude Vintage VW Kampout
Full Moon Bus Club - Buses By the Buoy Campout
Full Moon Bus Club - Fire on the Mountain Campout
Full Moon Bus Club - Granny Grose's Buses Campout
Full Moon Bus Club - High County Bus Festival
Full Moon Bus Club - Indigibus Campout
Granny Grose's Buses
Heart of Dixie VW Show
High Altitude Vintage Volkswagen Kampout
High Country Bus Festival
Horizontally Opposed VW Club of AZ 
Humboldt Humbugs VW Club
Hyndman Volkswagen Show
Jerome Jamboree
L.E.A.K.O.I.L. - Kombis on Kelleys VW Bus Campout
LiMBO - Bus Fusion
LiMBO - Volkswagen Transporterfest Event
LiMBO - West River Westies Camping Event
London Bridge Bullies: Buses by the Bridge
Mo-Kan Volkswagen Club - Bugs, Blitz, Bus Blast
MT Vanagons Group Campout
Natural Bus Campout
Northern Wisconsin Volkswagen Club
Northwest Mogfest
Off-Road Toys 4 Tots Event
Old School Euros - Dubs in the Shrubs
Old Volks Club - Bugs, Buses, Bikes and a Band
Parking in the Pines
Parking in the Pines VW Camp Out
Peninsula Automotive - VW Jam
Peninsula Automotive VW Car Show
People's Car Company
River Bus Event
Roanoke Valley Volkswagen Club
Southern California Bug-In Club
Susquehanna Valley Vanagon Club Event
Syncro De Mayo
Syncro Safari
Syncro Solstice
Texas Airheads - Westfalia Campout
Texas Bus Fest
Trainspotting Event
Trasharoo - Toys for Tots Fundraising Raffle
Travelin' Van
Tri-State Buses
Vacationland Volkswagen Association - Annual All VW Car Show
Vacationland Volkswagen Association - Buses by the Buoy
Valley Vanagons
Vanagon Nippon Members Club
Vanagons in the Valley
Volks-Meet Event
Volkswagen Club of Central New York & Vintage VW Club of America
Volkswagen Enthusiasts of Colorado - VW'S on the Green
Volkswear - VW Invasion Car Show 
VW Camper Family - Train Spotting
VW Harvest
VW Invasion Car Show
VW Jam Car Show and Swap Meet
VW'S-R-US - VW Elements
Walla Walla Balloon Fest Event
WetWesties - Walla Walla Campout