Welcome to the Westy Sessions. The aim behind these musical excursions is to capture talented musicians performing acoustically in a VW camper, offering an authentic, intimate, and unrehearsed experience that is guaranteed to stick with you.


Session #32 – Lydia Luce

This Westy Session features Lydia Luce—one of our favorites—performing “Sausalito” in a 1986 VW Wolfsburg Weekender Syncro. She is accompanied by Martin Bisits on guitar and Hillary Reynolds on backup vocals. Luce is a formally-trained viola player, working as a studio musician with such talent as Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Annie Lennox, and others. She is also a gifted singer/songwriter, and her forthcoming EP will showcase the maturity and growth of those skills. Simply put: We adore Luce and her music, and we were really excited to shoot (another) session with her!




Session #31 – Jeremy Ferrara

This Westy Session features Jeremy Ferrara performing “Sing Until I Die” in a 2001 Eurovan Camper. Jeremy is a folk singer and guitarist based in Portland, Oregon—and you might recognize him from an earlier Westy Session with Erisy Watts. His music is intimate and vulnerable, and filming this session with a light rain falling felt just about perfect. Check out his most recent EP, Shining Garden, which highlights his clear, pure voice and subtle songwriting.




Session #30 – Jack Symes

This Westy Session features Jack Symes performing “Goodnight Whispers” alongside a 1986 Vanagon Syncro Wolfsburg Weekender, one of the most coveted VW campers on the planet. It seemed fitting to pair this unique vehicle with Jack’s unique sound and style—both of which totally captivate us. Inspired by artists like Van Morrison and Mason Jennings, California’s own Jack Symes is renowned for his indie-folk sound and his rich storytelling. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch him on tour in support of his debut studio album, Songs for Moms.




Session #29 – Vanaphonic String Dwellers

This Westy Session features the Vanaphonic String Dwellers performing “What They’re Layin Down” in their 1984 Vanagon Westfalia. Candra and Ethan have been busking ragtime swing music out of their VW camper since 2015. They travel the states sharing art, music, sustainability projects, and general good times with their fellow humans. We’re proud to have them on our ambassador team, and we loved shooting this unique session with them.



Session #28 – Caitlin Jemma

Bask in the golden light of this Westy Session, which features the talented Caitlin Jemma performing "Nothing Left to Lose" alongside a VW Syncro (4WD). Accompanied by Meg Graham on violin and Margo Cilker on vocal harmonies, this session showcases Jemma's unique blend of country and soul. Her 4th studio album, Love Notes, was released in May of 2018, and sees Jemma "stepping out into a brave new electric frontier." Hailing from the high desert of Northern Nevada, Caitlin Jemma is a "small town girl with a big country heart." This session captures that sentiment beautifully.  

Website, Facebook, Instagram



Session #27 – Trevor Hall

This Westy Session features Trevor Hall performing “Jupiter’s Call” alongside a 1990 Vanagon Carat. Hall’s music is a unique blend of roots and folk music, and it is deeply informed by his love of Eastern Mysticism. Raised on an island in South Carolina, Trevor Hall realized at an early age that music was his life’s calling. Trevor has a strong relationship with his fan base and has quickly become a leader in the conscious music community. This session was filmed on location at Appendage + Bough in San Luis Obispo, CA. 



Appendage + Bough

Sound engineering by Audiobag


Session #26 – Hilary + Kate

This Westy Session features Hilary & Kate performing their song, “All Things New,” in a 1987 Wolfsburg Weekender Vanagon Syncro. Hilary & Kate began playing and recording together in 2012, with extensive tours throughout the U.S., Italy, the UK, Hungary, Norway, the Netherlands, and Germany. These two have great chemistry together, and their inspired musicianship and songwriting makes them a talented duo. If you have the chance to catch them live, don’t miss it!



Session #25 – Austin Quattlebaum 

This Westy Session features Austin Quattlebaum performing “Try” alongside a 1990 Vanagon Syncro Full Camper. Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, Austin Quattlebaum’s sound is rich with southern marshland blues. He calls Portland, Oregon, home these days, but his roots still shine through beautifully. When he’s not playing solo, you can find him touring with The Sam Chase and the Untraditional or playing with his Portland band, Crow and the Canyon. 

Website & Facebook

Session #24 – Erisy Watt with Jeremy Ferrara 
This Westy Session features the enchanting Erisy Watt performing her song, _“Redwoods,”_ in a 1987 Syncro Weekender. Erisy Watt is a Nashville-raised folk-soul artist based in Portland, OR. Having toured in several countries over the past years alongside guitarist Jeremy Ferrara, Watt’s blend of folk and soul—often compared to Joni Mitchell and Norah Jones—has mesmerized audiences from Germany to Thailand and across the US. Developing her sound in Santa Barbara, CA, where she lived for six years, Watt’s music invites listeners to revel in the beauty and freedom of wilder places. Hear Watt’s most recent EP, Foolish Things, on Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming services now. Website,   Instagram and Facebook

Session #23 – Kramies
Kramies is a Dutch-American singer-songwriter and recording artist currently living in Colorado. We were honored to have the opportunity to film a Westy Session with him. “Wooden Heart”—performed in a 1986 Wolfsburg Weekender Vanagon—is a hauntingly-beautiful representation of his talent. We hope you enjoy it, and we encourage you to check out more of his work on his Bandcamp,   Instagram and Facebook

Session #22 – Lydia Luce
This session features Lydia Luce (accompanied by Zach Torres) performing her song, “Lullaby.” We shot this session on a blustery April day in 2016, and not even the wind could quell this duo’s awesomeness. Lydia is a talented singer/songwriter/violist hailing from Florida (currently residing in Nashville). Check out her other Westy Sessions to hear more. Her first record, The Tides, is available for purchase via her site. Find more on her Website,   Instagram and Facebook

Session #21 – Sam Rae
This unique Westy Session features Sam Rae performing “Weapon” on the cello. Sam creates music that explores the space between her classical cello background and progressive folk, making this session of one the coolest experiences we’ve had yet. Sam has toured the United States and abroad with Brandi Carlile and Gregory Alan Isakov, and she collaborates with other diverse artists like Elephant Revival and the Posies. Her latest album, Bring Us to New Islands, is available now. Find more on her Website,   InstagramFacebook and Bandcamp

Session #20 – Dustan Louque w/ Margaret Hebert
We are proud to present this Westy Session, featuring the inimitable Dustan Louque performing his songs “Going 63” and “Immigrant” alongside his trusty 1987 VW Vanagon (“Tux”). Dustan is a unique artist, weaving a broad tapestry of musical genres into his work. He has collaborated with Nels Cline (Wilco), Josh Werner (Lee Perry, Bill Laswell), Zack Alford (David Bowie), and countless others. His artistic expression often extends well beyond the musical realm and into performance art and cinematography. This Westy Session also features Margaret Hebert on keys and back-up vocals.
Dustan Louque is a member of the GoWesty ambassador family, and we are endlessly thankful for his friendship. We encourage you to catch him live—it is an experience you won’t soon forget. Quite simply: We adore Dustan Louque, and we think you will, too. Enjoy! Find more on his
Website,   InstagramFacebook and Twitter

Session #19 – Scott Garred
In this Westy Session, Scott Garred performs “Personal Theme Song” alongside his 1990 Vanagon Westfalia. Garred is a songwriter, performer, and music therapist hailing from San Francisco. His previous projects include the band Silver Scooter and the solo music project, Super XX Man. Garred has performed on NPR’s Tiny Desk, and he’s played some of the most notable rooms across the U.S., including Bottom of the Hill, Knitting Factory, Howlin’ Wolf, and Spaceland. His first official full-length album, Little Tiny Things, is available now! Find more on his Website,   InstagramFacebook and   Bandcamp

Session #18 – Paul Whitacre
This Westy Session features Paul Whitacre performing his song, “Beth,” alongside a 1987 Wolfsburg Weekender. Paul is a Denver-based folk singer/songwriter with a penchant for heartfelt, honest tunes. His new album, Coming of Age, is available July 7th. Find more on his Website,   Instagram and   Facebook

Session #17 - Bart Budwig
We met Bart Budwig while recording the Shook Twins Westy Session. When he contacted us that he would be in our area, we jumped at the chance to record a Westy Session of his own! Bart is a wonderfully talented individual, a skilled sound engineer by trade and a tireless road dog at heart. Here he performs "The Captain and the Dreamer." For more Bart Budwig, check his Bandcamp below, where you can find all five of his full length albums. Website on   Instagram and   Facebook



Session #16 - Covenhoven

Covenhoven performing “The Wild and Free,” the title track from his second album. Joel Van Horne hails from Denver, Colorado, but his childhood summers were spent at a magical cabin called Covenhoven, a place that echoes in his songs. Website on  Instagram and  Facebook


Session #15 - Natanael

This Westy Session features Natanael performing “It’s Too Easy to Dream,” an unreleased melancholic acoustic pop song. Natanael hails from downtown Los Angeles, where he is the owner of the independent record lable, Servant Records. His goal is to support beautiful art and shine a light onto the daily struggles of the artist in modern society. His music has been described as “painfully honest,” a perspective he hopes to spread throughout the music industry. This session includes the GoWesty Westafari vehicle, which has also seen some painful transformation in its time. Check him out here: BandCamp on  SoundCloud and  Spotify

Session #14 - Grant Farm

This Westy Session features Colorado-based band Grant Farm. Built on the fundamentals of love, family, and music, this cosmic-Americana band is a sure bet for fans of harmony-laden original music. Like a “traveling gypsy family,” Grant Farm enjoys their life of touring, writing, and adventuring together as they share music up and down the North American roots music line. We hope you enjoy this session of their song “Colors,” recorded in the back bay of Los Osos in a 1990 VW Vanagon Weekender. Check them out here: on  Facebook and  Instagram


Session #13 - Bear Market Riot 
This Westy Session features Bear Market Riot performing “Roux” in a 1990 Vanagon Syncro (4wd) Weekender. This “power-folk Americana” duo hails from the beautiful central coast of California, blending lots of musical sounds—from folk to R&B—into an infectious sound emanating from two bearded multi-instrumentalists. Nordby and Motil continue to captivate audiences of all ages with catchy originals and high-energy covers. Check them out here: on  Facebook and  Instagram

Session #12 - Slocan Ramblers 
Featured in this Westy Session are the Slocan Ramblers, performing “Mighty Hard Road” alongside a 1986 Vanagon Syncro (4WD). The Slocan Ramblers are a young bluegrass band hailing from Canada, where they have quickly become a bright light among Canada’s roots music scene. Frank Evans (banjo), Adrian Gross (mandolin), Darryl Poulsen (guitar), and Alastair Whitehead (bass) are guaranteed to get your foot tapping with their lively bluegrass picking. We recommend checking out their latest album, Coffee Creek, and if you have a chance to see them live, don’t miss it! Check them out here: and on  Facebook and  Instagram


Session #11 - Natalie Tate
This Westy Session features Natalie Tate performing “Neverending Story” in the GoWesty Syncro “Trainer” vehicle. Natalie Tate is a talented singer-songwriter from Denver who blends delicate melodies with intelligent, introspective lyrics. Natalie has performed both nationally and internationally, sharing stages along the way with Gregory Alan Isakov, The Cave Singers, and many others. Natalie was voted Denver’s “Best Singer-Songwriter” in the 2016 Denver Westword Music Awards. She is an exceptional human being, and we were honored to collaborate with her for this session. Check her out here: and on  Facebook and  Instagram


Session #10 - Shook Twins
This Westy Session features the Shook Twins performing “Never Get a Girlfriend” in a 1971 VW Bus. If you’re not tapping your foot by the end of this tune, we’ll be really surprised. The Shook Twins are an indie folk/pop band from Portland, Oregon. Led by identical twins Katelyn and Laurie Shook, they create a unique and eclectic blend of folk, roots, groove, and soul. Band members Niko Slice (mandolin, electric guitar, vocals), Barra Brown (drums, vocals), and Josh Simon (bass, vocals, electric guitar) add incredible depth and instrumentation to beautiful twin harmonies. The bottom line is this: If you have the opportunity to see the Shook Twins live, you should do whatever you can to make it happen. Check them out here: and on Facebook

Session #9 - B and the Hive
B and the Hive hail from our little coastal town of Los Osos, but they play shows far and wide. This pared-down version of the band features the soulful vocals of frontwoman Brianna Lee, Josh Barrett on lead guitar, and Hayden Gardner on the cajon. B and the Hive have a unique sound that vacillates from indie and rock to delicate, bluesy ballands. In this Westy Session, they perform “Still Alive,” recorded in our vehicle boneyard. Check them out here: and on  Facebook


Session #8 - Zach Torres
Zach Torres is a talented young singer/songwriter from Nashville—and an all-around stellar individual. His voice has been compared to James Taylor, Vince Gill, and other old souls. We met Zach when he accompanied Lydia Luce for her first Westy Session, and we were delighted when he was game to record his own Westy Session. This is Zach performing “Leaving LA,” complemented by Lydia Luce on viola, filmed on a cool morning at beautiful  Harmony Cellars in Harmony, California. We invite you to check out more of Zach's work here:


Session #7 - Covenhoven
Covenhoven performing “Blind Spots,” a track from his second album, The Wild and Free. Covenhoven is a place and it is more than a place. It is the hand-built log cabin in the Medicine Bows forest. Joel Van Horne, a Denver native, spent weeks there every summer with his family, and those childhood memories have informed his musical life in magical, indelible ways. Covenhoven is a place, a set of storied recollections, a musical project. We invite you to check out more of Joel Van Horne and Covenhoven here:


Session #6 - Shane Stoneman
In this Westy Session, we have Shane Stoneman performing "Satellites and Supernovas." Shane is a gifted surfboard shaper, accomplished painter, and talented musician residing on the central coast of California. For him, music is another creative outlet that fuels all the other aspects of his life and work. Enjoy his performance here, filmed on another beautiful day on the central coast, then go check out his many other fantastic works at


Session #5 - Lydia Luce
Lydia Luce (with Zach Torres) performing “Blue Ocean.” Lydia is an independent folk singer/songwriter/violist originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She graduated from Berklee College of Music and, most recently, from the graduate program at UCLA. As a violist, she has performed with artists such as Willie Nelson, Rod Stewart, Annie Lennox, and many others. Her music is rooted in family, love, life, and spiritual experiences. We hope you enjoy this Westy Session as much as we do! If you have the opportunity to see her play live, we strongly encourage you to do so: Click here for show info.


Session #4 - Driftwood Brothers
This Westy Session features our local Driftwood Brothers performing “Big Sur Colors.” The Driftwood Brothers are Anthony Randazzo and Kevin Laugharn. They play an eclectic mix of styles ranging from country to rock and most places in between, and their laid-back central coast lifestyle features nicely in this session. Enjoy the quintessential California landscape with this little ditty.


Session #3 - John Craigie
John Craigie is a Portland-based folk musician who tours almost endlessly—his true home, he says, is on the road. His live shows include incredible storytelling, laugh-out-loud tales, and a wealth of original songs both humorous and heartfelt. In this latest Westy Session, John Craigie performs “I Am California,” a timeless ode guaranteed to capture your attention. His new album, Capricorn in Retrograde… Just Kidding, is available now. We encourage you to catch him on tour!


Session #2 - Ira Wolf
This Westy Session features Ira Wolf, a talented young new-folk artist based out of Nashville, performing the song "Baby" from her sophomore album, Honest. GoWesty is proud to help support Ira's five-month nationwide tour, which kicked off in early March. Ira is a fantastic performer, blending sublime melodies with honest, thoughtful lyrics. If you have the opportunity to see her perform live, we strongly encourage you to do so!


Session #1 - Gregory Alan Isakov
This debut Westy Session features Gregory Alan Isakov. This South African-born, Philadephia-raised singer/songwriter crafts honest, beautiful music characterized by what Rolling Stone magazine describes as a "subtle storm." We were lucky to spend some quality time with Gregory while his 1987 VW Vanagon Westfalia was being outfitted with a bevy of GoWesty upgrades. This impromptu campout in stunning Montana de Oro State Park featured some incredible January weather, a raging campfire late into the night, and a very special musical experience.