Don't see the vehicle you want? Send us a deposit, and we'll find it for you!

If you have read our pricing policy, you know that we typically mark up the vehicles we sell by as much as 20%. That is, when we commit our money to purchase a vehicle "on spec" (with no buyer lined up), we assume the risk of adding a vehicle to our inventory that could sit unpurchased for a long time.

Another option is to purchase your vehicle "on commission." That is, if we don't have what you want—we will find it for you.

First, you need to figure out what want, and what it is likely to cost. So, browse the previously sold vehicles list. This is a great resource. You can re-sort the lists so that only the sales of the type of vehicle you want show up. By looking through this list you will get a quick idea of what a vehicle like you are looking for costs. Once you figure out what you want, and are ready to put down a deposit, here are the steps you need to take:

1. Fill out a "Camper Wish List" and email it to us.
2. We will review your wish list with you and tweak it if/as needed.
3. You send in a $5000 deposit—we accept deposits via personal check or wire transfer (please contact us for more information!).
4. We find your dream vehicle and mark up whatever we pay for it by only 5%, guaranteed.
5. We go through the vehicle from end to end and get it up to GoWesty standards, in addition to building it to your exact specifications.

So, what if I give GoWesty $5000, they go out and buy a vehicle for me, it shows up, and it turns out that it needs WAY too much work? What if it cannot be built within my budget?

Those are excellent questions. In that situation:

Let's say your budget is $35,000 total, out the door. We purchase a vehicle that, to the best of our determination, will fit your request and stay within the budget you've outlined. Then, it shows up and it turns out we were wrong: there is no way we can make it happen. It just needs too much work, or it has a problem we didn't foresee. For example, maybe it has a bad transaxle that was not disclosed by the seller, and it needs to be replaced. As it turns out, the vehicle will cost more like $38,000 out the door.

If this turns out to be the case, you are not required to pay more money. You will be given the option to do so (and, in fact, you'd end up with a better vehicle... in this example, one with a fresh transaxle). However, if you choose not to stretch your budget, the vehicle will go into our inventory and will eventually be sold to somebody else who can afford the higher price. At that point, we can get back to work finding another vehicle that fits your specs. In essense, the $5000 deposit merely gives you the right of first refusal for any vehicle we find that fits your parameters. It also gives us a for-sure sale, assuming we can meet your parameters.

So, why should I give GoWesty 5%? Why not just go out and find a vehicle for myself?

Another good question. Why should you? Well, this is what we do. And, even as experts in the field, it's possible for us to screw up and buy the wrong vehicle. The difference is that you aren't stuck with it... we are. If it turns out to be a real lemon, we won't even try to put it back on the road. We may just use it for parts, for example. With a full service shop, we have that luxury. In this respect, we earn the 5% commission. You get peace of mind; we get a guaranteed sale. It's a win-win situation.

But $5K is a lot of money. Why so much?

If you are really serious, the amount of the deposit shouldn't matter. After all, if you are committed to spending $35,000 and you know the entire $5000 will go toward the purchase, what is the difference? This deposit just lets us know that you're serious, that you'll follow through when we find your dream vehicle, and we won't simply be adding another vehicle to our inventory with no perspective buyer.

The bottom line: If you don't see what you want, GoWesty can still make it happen!