Core Buyback Program

GoWesty is committed to keeping your camper alive and "in the cycle" for as long as humanly possible. Oftentimes, brand-new parts are simply not available anymore, and we must find high-quality used parts to refurbish. If you have extra parts cluttering up your garage, you can turn them into a GoBucks gold mine! 

Got a question? Check out our Core Buyback FAQ Page.

Here's how it works: If you find something on this list that you would like to sell us, please email with a description of what you have, and we will assist you in turning that "junk" into GoBucks that you can spend on our site! Please allow 2-3 days for an email response.

NOTE: Cores must be in "rebuildable" condition. Cores that are not rebuildable will not receive GoBucks credit. Customer is responsible for shipping charges to get item(s) to GoWesty.

ASTERISKED(*) ITEMS: Core must be Bosch brand and must be returned in a Bosch box.

The items we are currently seeking include:

1900cc Waterboxer Longblock $50 GoBucks
2100cc Waterboxer Longblock $200 GoBucks
$50 GoBucks
Air Flow Meter - 1.9 $25 GoBucks
Air Flow Meter - 2.1 $25 GoBucks
Drive Flanges (Pair) — Automatic ONLY $100 GoBucks
Electronic Control Unit (1.9 or 2.1)  NOT NEEDED CURRENTLY $25 GoBucks
Flexplate $25 GoBucks
Flywheel $50 GoBucks
Gear Carrier $100 GoBucks
Idle Control Unit $50 GoBucks
Intake Manifold $15 GoBucks
Lower Control Arms - Pair (4WD) $25 GoBucks
Power Steering Rack NOT NEEDED CURRENTLY $100 GoBucks
Speedometer (Clip-In Style Only) $25 GoBucks
Steering Spindle (Front - '86-'91) $50 GoBucks
Suspension Trailing Arms - Pair (Rear) $100 GoBucks
Stub Axles - Pair  NOT NEEDED CURRENTLY $100 GoBucks
Torque Converter $50 GoBucks
Transaxle (2WD - AT or MT/4WD or 4WD Locker) $250/$500 or $800 GoBucks