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The VW community is full of thoughtful, creative, verbose folks—check out what your fellow bloggers have going on! Just click the photo beside the blog you wish to visit.

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 GoWesty-Sponsored Adventures

Follow Matt and "Donnie" as they find their own speed and follow it to a place where home is everywhere and tomorrow is unwritten. Their journey is sure to inspire with stunning photography, words, and art that capture the essence of the land, more often rural than urban.

Alison Travels
The adventures of Alison, who quit her job in corporate America to experience life unleashed. She and her dog, Max are living on the road in a van, taking portraits of the people they come across as well as photographs of interesting things they see along the way.

Bodes Well
A blog dedicated to the stories and adventures of a traveling family. Follow them as they travel through the US, Canada, Mexico and South America in their 1971 Volkswagen Westy beginning August 2009.

Crepe Attack

Greg and Katie are traveling from Nashville to Patagonia in a custom-built VW van, sharing French culture in the form of crepes to all the lucky folks they meet. Check out their adventures as they crepe people out... in the best way possible.

Eighty Square Feet
Join the Herman family in their '76 Westy as they explore great cities, parks and hidden corners of the country. Between a growing kiddo, a giant dog and a vintage campervan that breaks down from time to time, there are plenty of road bumps along the way.

  Flo & Yo
This caregiving couple, Florence (doctor) and Yohan (nursing student), created the organization “Care Design Across the World.” Their goal is to travel far and wide in their T4 Syncro examining and reporting on how culture influences caregiving, empathy, and understanding of health issues.

Our Open Road
Travel with the Harteau family as they journey down southern way in their GoWesty-equipped Vanagon—an experiment in living simply while working to create a spontaneous, traveling art exhibit.


Tight Loops
Aimee and Chase are passionate about story telling. Follow them as they document their journey from New England to Montana in their '85 Westy, exploring the American landscape, and producing a body of work they hope will inspire others to chase their passions and realize their dreams.

The blog of a professional triathlete striving to live the dream. Whether that be racing, climbing mountains, traveling in his VW camper, or enjoying a cold one after a hard day's work.
Follow four professional photographers and film-makers as they drive their way through Mexico, Central and South America, capturing images of people and places that usually elude tourists and travelers, while giving back to the communities they visit. 
VDub Van Life
The blog of a professional filmmaker/photographer and animal conservationist. Theo and Bee have left their busy city lifestyles to live in their T4 campervan to explore Europe. Their aim is to capture some of the most stunning places around Europe and adapt to their surroundings.

Westfalia Digital Nomads
The blog of Armando (film director and freelance videographer) and Melony (freelance writer), two travellers in Europe that live, work and embrace a van life. Their website is a compilation of travel tips, videos and resources they've either created or found helpful.

Where's My Office Now
Follow Corey and Emily as they blend an adventurous nomadic lifestyle with a traditional 9-5 business career in their 1987 Westy.



Featured Blogs

Rob, Rebecca, Meghan and Willow are exploring Canada and Alaska in the summer of 2014. They have no specific plan or itinerary except to be home in Boulder for Meghan to start school on August 18. Follow their adventure in their '89 Westy named Byron.


Campervan Culture
Camping, cooking, fixing, driving and enjoying the hell out of the Syncro Campervan. This blog is definitely fun and entertaining!




Follow Ned and Kat as they bring their dream of driving around the world to life. Their route and time frame is undetermined. They may be on the road for 6 months or 6 years. Who knows what will happen along the way!


Drive Nacho Drive 
At the end of 2011, the Bodes quit their jobs and set off in their 1984 Volkswagen Vanagon to circumnavigate the globe. while discovering culture, food, recreation, and emergency roadside Volkswagen maintenance. Just wingin' it.


Follow the Wind
In August 2013, Jacqui and Cameron imagined a new beginning. In three measly months they purged and prepared themselves to drive as far south as they could, or so they thought. Breakdowns, a car accident, a new vehicle and countless other twists later: their adventure continues.

Fully Psyched

Follow Mike, an artist, writer, and former marketing director touring the country with his dog. He recently launched a Kickstarter project called “Greetings from the Back of My Van,” with the goal of sending hand-made postcards and letters to people all over the world. His two greatest concerns are social justice and his transmission.

Gypsy on Wheels
Travel with Erika, Sterling, and their four-legged companion, Clovey, as they explore the simple life in their '84 Westy. It's all about love, nature, and self-growth. 


  Kombi Life

A blog about jumping headfirst into the deep-end, conquering our fears, and embracing the unknown. It’s about sharing the adventure with everyone, inspiring others to see the world and above all about loving our lives every day – no matter how hard it gets!

Living the Dream

Follow Steve and Wendi on a worldwide odyssey in their '72 Westy with no end date in sight. A plan? Only adventure and experiences.


  Molcho Blog

Follow Dalia and Pedigree in their 1990 Syncro as they leave behind the "what is" to follow the wisdom of the road that unfolds before them from one day to the next. (Blog in Hebrew.)

The Neverending (American Road Trip) Story

One corporate boy, one crazy girl, and one ambivalent dog escape the cubicle to adventure across the country and explore what life and this beautiful county has to offer in their VW Eurovan.


Phoenix the Bus

The blog of Amandine and Kevin, who are restoring and traveling in their '79 VW T2 Riviera kick-ass Bus, Phoenix. They love her and the adventures they have with her.



Road it Up

The adventures of a family of 5 travelling in an RV, towing their beloved Westy, through North America.





The Tommy Log
Blog of professional surfer Tom Petriken, where he shares his Volkswagen restoration stories, as well as other stories from his surfing and everyday life.




Tortuga Plata

Marc, Sarah, and Charlee left Alaska in search of their new home. Follow their adventures in “Tortuga,” their 1987 Syncro, as they explore the Lower 48.




Additional Blogs
3 Tree Adventures
This blog proves that you don’t have to travel far and wide or be a millionaire (although that could help!) to have a good time. Join this family of five and their dog as they share their everyday adventures.
Adventures in Kuma
Living the dream is tough, but someone has to do it. Follow Shona and Andrew as they travel from Canmore, Alberta, north to Inuvik and then south to Ushuaia, Argentina.  

Andamos de Vagos
Aron and Linda left San Diego, California, at the end of 2012 to embark on an adventure through Central and South America in their 1986 VW Westfalia. Join them as they explore new places and learn about other cultures all while camping in their van. 
Astral Nomads
Gerry and Wendy have decided to drop out for a while. They've given away or sold most of our worldly possessions, bought a 1999 Eurovan and are setting out to look for America, or themselves—or something like that. 

Camper Van Stories
French-speaking blog of Nina and Yoann, both passionate about vintage vans, especially the famous Volkswagen Kombi. Through their blog, you can share their trips through Europe, their collection and stories from the world of "Popo" the van. 
Campervan Things
This is a blog written by UK-based web developer, Rick Hurst, about his experiences working on the move. Started as a travel blog in 2010, it contains insights into working on the road, equipment, tools, camping, camper vans, experiences, and places.
A blog that follows Chad and Ana on a 2 1/2 year, 26,000 mile road trip through Central and South America, driving from Colorado to Tierra del Fuego (Argentina) in their 1977 Bus, "Mango."
Exploring Your Planet 
A road-trip travel show blog that will take you from coast to coast and beyond. Steve is the perfect host, with a  passion for documenting his travels and inspiring others to get out and see (and do!) instead of watching others have all the fun.  
   Gringo 1302
Goran's blog about restorations, VW meetings, trips, and more! Blog is in Croatian language, but there are a lot of great pictures.
  Gypsea Journeys
Lucia is the mom. Lindsay is the daughter. Gypsea is the catalyst. Let the good times roll.
Keevan Soul
The wanderings, trials, adventures (and misadventures) of Fred and Laurie Keesaw and dog, Pia. They live simply with a small footprint in a '95 VW Eurovan, seeking out beautiful places and meeting awesome people. They love wildlife, little winding roads, huge vistas, unexpected surprises and taking lots of photos along the way.
  Little Van That Could
Follow Portlanders, Lindsey and Kyle and their German Shepherd "Maya," in search of sunshine, good climbing, and a flat place to park the VW van for the night.
  The Long and Winding Path of JAET 
Follow the Mobley family as they explore the USA in their 1987 Vanagon Westfalia. Featuring a daily journal, travel log, homeschool adventures, late night learning, and lunchtime ephinanies.
  Mathew and Cassie's Big Climbing Trip 
A blog that follows Matthew and Cassie on a two year trip,  climbing full time on the road in the USA and places such as France and Spain (just to name a few).

Mixing America
A fun-lovin' couple's road-trip to Alaska then Argentina, mixing drinks along the way. 
Not All Who Wonder Are Lost
Not All Who Wander Are Lost
Too often, we put our hopes and dreams on hold. This gutsy couple can wait no longer!
Rymo's Guide to Good 
Rymo explores, tries, tastes, experiences, listens, reads, watches and—when he finds something good—he blogs about it. Little bits of goodness that may or may not change your life for the better. But they probably will. 
Sandy Travels
Follow Doug and Jess, two teachers, who discover the ups and downs, places to see or not see, eat or not eat, and general comic adventures in their 1988 VW Westy.
Thoughts of a Corporate Nomad
A corporate nomad in a moving covered wagon headed for all points West, bending the envelope of HR rules from within a blue pleasure machine.

VagaBon and Dave
Follow Dave and Bonnie as they wander for an unspecified length or direction. Their only intent is to head south into Mexico, following their curiosities and wherever the road seems to lead.


Van en Van
Follow Stephanie and Juan as they journey from California to Argentina in their 1989 Vanagon Westfalia, affectionately named “The Electric Pony.”



VWT3 Parts
Blog of  "crazy addict of Vanagon" updated almost daily with pictures of VW Transporters in Europe.

VW Bus Blog
The blog of Casey Ryan. He's not a mechanic but loves to tinker with things. He finds Volkswagens are the perfect hobby to do that because Buses are well documented and easy to work on with minimal investment in tools,  and people want to help you and you can still buy most parts.

Nim and JDub chronicle the adventures in their 1977 VW Type II van (Westfalia campervan).



The VW Camper Van Blog
A website for lovers of all types of VW campers from Split Screens and Bays to T25s and T4s.

VW Viaje
The journey of three friends as they explore Central and South America.



Wake the Dead Diaries
Connie and Collin St. Clair have decided to "wake the dead" with their blog, driving the Americas in their '87 Syncro Westfalia, seeking moments that force the mind to stop, the body to inhale, to be in awe of something of this world.


Wandrer Westy
A Syncro, its follies, and the lengths the owner will go to get this thing on the road in style. 



Wheels, Whiskey and Wilderness
A blog that shares a great summer of love and adventure 2009.




Personal Experience Story
A 9 year old's story of his trip to Baja with GoWesty and his family over Christmas 2008.



The Vanagon Diaries: 
Adventures In My Best Friend's "Slug"

The story of how one dude came to discover the magic of campervan culture through his best friend, documenting some of the unique adventures that they've taken in the past two years. They are Team Slug: Captain Matt and Co-Pilot Sharja from Irvine, California.