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1990 Vanagon Weekender Syncro - #900

1990 Vanagon Weekender Syncro - #900 (223,146 Miles) - $106,649.69 Total delivered price.

Engine: GoWesty 2.5

Trans: Manual

Color: White

VIN: WV2ZB0255LG000213

Options: 5SPD-4WD, RL, AW, PW, PM, AC, CC, PS, PB, PDL, HPW, RDEF, I/M WWF, I/M WWR, CASS, AW, RVMR, SKY, LP, STOVE, 12VDC/110VAC/LP, FRIG, FWT  [What Are These?]

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We built this super sweet Syncro for Doug back in September, 2008. Click here to see all the details of that sale.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this vehicle that is making him decide to sell it. It is just not fitting in with his current lifestyle—so he has decided to move on. I told him he would regret it, and you can bet he will!

This is all the stuff we did for Doug:

• Stripped down completely to the bare body
• Collision damage repaired back to factory exact specification
• Complete repaint inside and out to factory color
• Black texture treatment all around the bottom
• GoWesty plate steel bumpers, rear with integral hitch
• Skid plate up front
• Double swing-away carrier for rear
• Full size spare wheel
• Fuel and water cans
• New hemp/cotton 3-window pop top tent
• All new interior panels with matching Recaro material inserts
• New Recaro front seats
• Rear seat and bed cushion recovered in Recaro fabric to match front seats
• All typically discolored and shrunken vinyl around windows removed, and all surfaces painted to match exterior
• Undercarriage stripped clean
• Steam cleaned thoroughly
• Undercoated thoroughly
• All fresh suspension and steering
• Old Man Emu shocks
• GoWesty progressive lifting springs
• All new brake system
• Big brakes up front
• All new brake and clutch hydraulic systems
• All new cooling system
• Fuel and electrical systems all gone through thoroughly
• GoWesty super duper ultra major maintenance service
  - All maintenance items back to zero miles
• 16" wheels with 225/70-16 BFG tires
• Fresh GoWesty 2.5 liter engine with 48/48 warranty
• Fresh transaxle and front differential, 48/48 warranty, with:
  - 12% lower 5.43:1 ratio final drive gearing
  - Triple knobs, which means:
  - Driveshaft decoupler and solid shaft instead of viscous coupler
  - Locking differential front
  - Locking differential rear
• Deluxe 3 auxiliary battery system
• 50 watt solar panel on roof, quick-release style
• All-electric Engel fridge/freezer installed quick-release style
• Old fridge space turned into more cabinet space
• New LP tank assembly
• Propex built-in 7500 btu furnace
• Over $2800 worth of "just in case" preemptive reliability enhancing items
• Killer stereo with iPod, XM, and sub woofer
• Dashboard removed and all systems rebuilt
• All new power windows with centrally located switches
• All new power door lock system with remote entry
• On-board compressed air system for easy air-up of tires after off-roading

Basically: Just about everything we offer for a Syncro, Doug ordered for this puppy.

This time around, all we are doing is:

• Super nice detail
• Ensuring everything is still in tip-top working condition
• Fresh oil and filter
• Tire rotation
• Top off fluids

That's it—this vehicle simply does not need anything else.

This Syncro cost Doug almost $98k. It would cost well over $100k to build another one just like it today.

He put a total of 9,092 miles on it. The price listed is almost $18,000 less than what he paid, and a solid $25k less than it would cost to build from scratch...  So, what's wrong with this thing? Why does Doug want to sell such an awesome Syncro Westy? Here is what he writes:

From: Doug
Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 1:34 PM
To: S. Lucas Valdes
Subject: Re: Why I decided to sell my 1990 Syncro Westy

My partner of 38 years, Mary Jo, said she wanted to quit just dabbling with horses, and go at it full-on before she got too old to realize the dream she has held. I knew what this meant as we had gone down that same road before with Mary Jo and one of our daughters - it meant several horses, trailers, trucks, training, trainer and TIME and TIME and TIME - as in 3-4-5 hours a day 5/6 days a week for six or seven years to reach the upper levels before you reach sixty. I was able to fill in a long simmering passion and pursue motorcycle road racing at the age of nearly 50 for six years and understood where Mary Jo was at that juncture of her life. Well, we're in about a year and a half and I just watched Jo ride at a clinic last weekend at a level I thought would take her several years to get to, other than the two trainers who were participating in the clinic no one rode as well as Jo.

So it's all working out for Jo but not for us taking off on long extended trips in the Syncro as Jo and the horses need to maintain the regimen they are on to continue the forward progress. So there's the rub, got this way over the top rig that I drive to the way too crowded breaks on the coast around here and never really use it for what I intended. We had a boat that I would take out to Santa Rosa Island and pretty much have the waves to myself for days at a time but I sold it to help and defray the cost of the Syncro. I've decided to get another boat and so now I'm selling the Syncro to help pay for at least part of the new boat. Great circle huh?

The Syncro works better off road than any of the eight different four wheel drives I've had over the years. I would drive that rig around the world right now, you can back up hills most 4X's struggle to go up forward; it's just amazing when locked in (all three knobs pulled). I'd really like to keep it, but for all the things it will do flawlessly it won't pull a 9,000 pound boat.

Lucas and the crew at GoWesty are engineer-type-thinking motor heads much like some of the top flight crews I came across on the road racing circuit; they know it all inside and out it or can figure out with no drama. The only problem I had with my van was a hum that only came on after 65mph. I took it back to GoWesty and they traced it down, replaced the drive shaft, no drama.

So, there you have it!

What are you waiting for? This one is READY TO ROLL!

Bob and Judy from New York snapped this puppy right up, and are having the following done:

Entire interior stripped out; they want a weekender, damn it!
Good used 90/91 MultiVan interior side panels, cabinets, etc.
All new custom Recaro interior throughout
Black leather/black Recaro cloth combination throughout
Super duper ultra plush Recaro Ergomed DS seat for the driver
Matching passenger--but not so fancy
Custom seating arrangement
Jump seat behind driver like all MV's have
Added seat tracks in the middle for a third, slide-in swiveling Recaro seat
Three point belts and head rests throughout
Pioneer AVIC series in-dash stereo unit with 4" flip up screen
Back up camera that displays on flip up screen
XM tuner with real-time GPS and traffic data
Back-up proximity sensors in rear bumper
Flip-down DVD screen for the kids
Body-mounted swing away spare tire and flip down tray carriers

And more....


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