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1986 Vanagon Full Camper - #805

1986 Vanagon Full Camper - #805 (103,274 Miles) - $52,431.76 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.1 liter flat four

Trans: Automatic

Color: White

VIN: WV2ZB0253GH075282

Options: A/C, P/S, P/B  [What Are These?]

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We picked this one up from some folks that were traveling through. They had been to GoWesty a couple of times over the past few years to have little things done here and there. We told them their Westy was "ripe" and in need of some "pruning," but they weren't in a position to spend any real money on it. Well, the transaxle finally bellied up on their last voyage—and they could not afford the $2800 or so to replace it. Not to mention the rest of the work this little Westy is "ripe" for—so they decided to part ways with it.

We paid them $3010 for it, and we are marking it up 20%. That's only $600! So, the vehicle itself starts out at $3600. That is pretty cheap for a Westy in this condition with this many miles.

The interior of this Westy is TAN, not GRAY. 1986 is the last year they offered tan as an interior color. It is pretty much intact, as usual (Vanagon Westy interiors are amazingly durable). It needs the usual stuff—like typical re-powder coating here and there, as well as some other bits and pieces—all included in the price. So, when we are done, the interior will be NICE, and it will have some decent tunes, too.

Exterior: This Westy has always been a Western USA vehicle since new. It has ALL original paint, no rust, no collision damage AT ALL. The body is pretty damn nice—but is showing sings of age. The price listed includes repainting the nose and top to match all the rest of the original paint, which will be polished and waxed. The price also includes our black texture treatment around the bottom and a set of our steel bumpers. That is all we have planned for the exterior—that is all it really needs for the time being. However, because it still has its original paint, this is the kind of Westy that is a perfect candidate for a complete exterior restoration—then the exterior would be done, done, done, once and for all. But, that would raise the price by around $6,000—NOT included in the price listed above.

Mechanical: This Westy has remarkably low mileage—which we have confirmed is correct. It already has a set of our 15" wheels and tiers on it, with over 70% tread. The engine is still running smoothly: no weird noises or terrible leaks of any kind. It does not need an engine at this time.That said, it is 24 years old and is pretty anemic. It does needs a transaxle right away—that thing is toast. The price listed also includes a fresh AT, and the minimum work needed on the suspension, brake, electrical, exhaust, and cooling systems.

John and Julie picked up this sweet little Westy. Total out the door price shown inlcudes the cost of the vehicle, all tax and licensing fees, and the cost to do the following:


• GoWesty super thorough ultra major service
- All maintenance items back to zero miles
• Fresh GoWesty automatic transaxle
• GoWesty external A/T oil cooler
• Complete fuel delivery system rebuild for fire prevention
• Suspension, electrical, injection—all gone through thoroughly
• New brakes all around--sloted rotors up front
• Over $3000 worth of items to enhance reliability
• Nose, luggage rack, and pop-top painted to match the rest of the original paint
• GoWesty black texture treatment all around
• GoWesty state-of-the-art 2nd battery system
• GoWesty super thorough ultra major detail inside and out
- Everything it is supposed to come with is there
- Everything that is there is guaranteed to WORK!
• Decent stereo with iPod interface and new speakers all around
• Auxiliary battery system
• New LP tank
• Fridge serviced and working as good as possible—which is still not great
• AC serviced and working—but don't get too excited, it still sucks and may not work for long...

Nice buy, John and Julie!




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