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1987 Vanagon Full Camper - #908

1987 Vanagon Full Camper - #908 (238,415 Miles) - $42,519.65 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.4 Liter

Trans: Manual

Color: Blue

VIN: WV2ZB0255HH030605

Options: A/C, P/S, AM/FM CD PLAYER, FRNT INT. WIPERS  [What Are These?]

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This one is for Joe of California. It is not much to look at now, but just wait...

This one started out as a very restore-able little Westy! It has all original paint, no accident history, no rust. It has factory AC (all intact, but does not work—which is typical), power mirrors, rear wiper. No power door locks, windows, or cruise. It is a GREAT candidate to do whatever you want with it.

It belonged to one of our technicians, Jeremiah, who ran into a bind and was forced to sell it. It was his since January, 2006 when it had 206,548 miles on it. He put a fresh GoWesty 2.4 liter engine in June, 2006. He rebuilt the transaxle in July, 2009. He has also maintained the rest of the systems as needed. Again, he is a technician here at GoWesty, and still works here. He is one of our top guys. All the work he did to it was top notch, GoWesty quality. However, other than our guarantee that they are both as represented (rebuilt), and working properly now with no issues, there is no warranty on the engine or transaxle.

We paid Jeremiah $7500 for it, as-is. We are marking that up 20%. So, the price of the vehicle itself, as-is comes to $9,000 plus tax and license, as applicable.

Mechanically: No need to replace the engine or transaxle, of course.  I would replace the entire cooling system—whatever has not already been replaced. We would go through the fuel, electrical, suspension, and brake systems too—as needed. Plus, do a full page of reliability enhancing items. I would put the bill at around $15k for all that.

Interior: The inside is all there and intact. It would need our standard thorough disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly.

Exterior: At a minimum I would recommend repainting the nose (rock chips), luggage rack and pop-top (still has the original gel coat), a couple of spots here and there, black texture around the bottom, new windshield, seal, tent, misc powder coating, seals, gaskets, decals. .

The price listed includes $4620 for the vehicle itself, plus the following which is NOT done yet:

• Body nose, top, and small parts here and there repaired and painted
• Black texture coating applied around lower band of body
• GoWesty plate steel bumpers front and rear
• New 3-window acrylic pop-top tent
• GoWesty super duper, ultra thorough detail inside and out
  - everything that is supposed to be there is there
  - everything that is there works: guaranteed
• Completely rebuilt fuel delivery system
  - fuel tank re-sealed
  - all new fuel hose on engine and chassis
• Super Duper Thorough GoWesty Major Service
  - all maintenance items back to zero miles
• ALL NEW cooling and heater systems
• 16" Tire & Wheel Package
• Suspension rebuilt with Bilstein shocks
• All NEW brakes, slotted rotors up front
• All new wheel bearings
• New drive axles
• Refrigerator updated
• Brand-new LP tank
• State-of-the-art auxiliary battery system
• High powered headlight upgrade
• Headlight protectors
• Upgraded in-dash CD player with hands-free cell phone and iPod interface
• Upgraded speakers throughout
• Basic AC service to the tune of $653.83-so it works, but don't get too excited...
• Over $2700 worth of just-in-case reliability enhancing items

Here is a report showing how it all added up:


200518 $  1,949.20 LP TANK, HP HL, STEREO, RACK BRACKETS
200519 $     850.77 AUX BATTERY SYSTEM
200520 $  1,734.45 SERVICE, FUEL SYSTEM
200521 $  3,360.50 ALL NEW COOLING AND HEAT
200522 $  2,782.25 RELIABILITY ITEMS
200524 $     963.42 BUMPERS, AC DIAGNOSE
200526 $     273.71 ROOF RACKS (NO BRACKETS OR LABOR)
200622 $     224.85 FRIG B GONE
201205 $     958.47 AWNING
201306 $     691.15 A/C, WINDOW SEALS
201309 $     500.00 EXTRA PAINTING
201541 $     505.35 SA STEERING WHEEL
201896 $     806.05 PROJECT OVER-RUNS
               $42,519.65 TOTAL PROJECT COST


Nice buy, Joe!

From: Joe
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 12:49 PM
To: S. Lucas Valdes
Subject: Cheers


Enjoying my camper daily. Never did I anticipate all the positive attention I've recieved in a matter of 5 days. Thumbs up, peace signs, honks and smiles.

I'm also finding it neccessary to educate myself on many aspects of this camper. To get the most enjoyment out of it as possible. One system at a time. : ) Early on you mentioned that the gear ratio on my 4 speed trans was. 1.18 3rd and 0.77 4th gear. Does that differ from standard 4 speed and how does it affect the driving experience. Just what to know. Always a good thing to pass on when I'm bragging to friends. : )

I'm so pleased with with vehicle and experience dealing with everyone at GoWesty!

Thanks, Joe

On Apr 20, 2011, at 5:44 PM, "S. Lucas Valdes" <> wrote:

Hey Joe,

Thanks for the nice note.

The original gearing was 1.23:1 in 3rd, and .85:1 in 4th. Plus, the original tire was about 1” smaller. So, in 3rd the engine speed is 8% lower than original, and in 4th the engine speed is 12% lower than original. It is possible because the engine in there (our 2.4) produces about 30% more power and torque, and just does not need to be revved as high as the original engine. The effect on driving experience is a lower revving engine that is more efficient and quieter. Make sense?





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