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1990 Vanagon Full Camper Syncro - #931

1990 Vanagon Full Camper Syncro - #931 (110,656 Miles) - $83,432.19 Total delivered price.

Engine: GoWesty 2.5

Trans: Manual

Color: White

VIN: WV2ZB025XLG024409


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We built this Syncro Westy for McGreggor back in 2008. Check out that sale by clicking here.

This is everything we did for him at that time:

• Custom two-tone paint scheme:
 - Repainted all over OEM VW 1990 Doka light green, except
 - All original white paint (in excellent condition) remains around windows, interior, and door jambs
• Texture treatment all around the bottom—color-matched  to the green
• All windows removed and sent out for professional tinting
• New German "LT" type side view mirrors
• GoWesty plate steel bumpers, rear with integral hitch
• GoWesty body mounted swing away carriers, both sides
• Bumpers and body-mounted swing away carriers powder coated silver
• Full-size spare on back
• GoWesty skid plate installed underneath—where low hanging spare was!
• GoWesty super duper ultra thorough detail inside and out
 - Everything that is supposed to be there is there
 - Everything that is there works
• New windshield and seal
• Fresh GoWesty 2.5 liter engine
• All new big brakes up front
• All new rear brakes
• Cooling, fuel, and electrical systems all gone through thoroughly
• GoWesty super duper ultra major maintenance service
 - All maintenance items back to zero miles
• GoWesty progressive rate suspension springs with 2" lift
• Old Man Emu shocks all around
• 16" steel wheels with 215/70-16 Michelin LTX tires
• Drive shaft decoupler installed, with solid shaft instead of viscous coupler
• New LP tank assembly
• Winch ready:
 -2 " receiver up front
 - 175 amp power outlets front and rear (winch ready)
• Over $2600 worth of "just in case" preemptive reliability enhancing items
• GoWesty solar panel system
• Original fridge deleted with GoWesty Fridge-B-Gone kit
 - Fridge removed, vent capped with custom plate, shelving installed
 - Vent capped with custom plate, 
• All electric Engel MT-45 refrigerator
• German Espar gasoline furnace
• Nice stereo
• All new speakers
• Sub-woofer
• South African grill and round lights
• High powered headlights
• Keyless entry system
• Over $500 worth of AC work—but don't get too excited, it is STILL a Westy, after all...
• Black rubber floor mats throughout
• AUL extended warranty (
 - "ESTATE" bumper to bumper coverage
 - Zero deductible
 - 36-month, 36,000-mile term
 - Good anywhere in the USA or Canada
 - Good at any independent garage or VW dealer

This time around, this is what is being added:

• Fresh service and minor repairs as needed
• New driveshaft
• All new wheels and tires
• New hemp pop-top tent
• Power window switches relocated to dash with GoWesty kit• Fresh service as needed
• Auxiliary battery kit updated to current GoWesty state-of-the-art system

That is about all it needs....

All said and done, McGreggor spent over $75,000 on this Westy back in 2008. It would cost at least $85,000 to build the same Westy today. He put only 13,602 miles on it.

Yeah, this is a good deal.

What else would be NICE to add? How about:

• Portable winch that can fit front or rear
• Updated stereo with Bluetooth hands-free cell phone interface
• Black leather Recaro front seats and matching front door panels
• South African black leather steering wheel
• Fresh transaxle with custom gearing
• Front locker (third knob on Syncro panel)
• Torque-biasing differentials front and rear
• Larger tires
And, and, and...

If you can dream it up, we can make it happen! This puppy is definitely worthy of throwing just about ANYTHING you can think of at. 

Joby came down on a Saturday to talk VW campers. We poked around several, and he got to drive a very nice Eurovan and this Syncro. I took him wheelin' in my Syncro—and that was it. He was sold.

Here is a report showing how it all added up:

INV#        COST         DESCRIPTION

201109 $  4,660.16 2ND BATT, PW SWITCH, DETAIL, TIRES
201411 $  2,095.22 SERVICE/REPAIRS
201696 $  1,637.43 AWNING, YAKIMA RACKS
202077 $  1,802.71 WINCH, STEREO
202079 $  8,086.80 F/D O/H, + F LCKR, 5.43 GEARS, 225 TIRES
202102 $     216.50 SWITCH TO ALLOY WHEELS
202217 $     757.98 PROJECT OVER-RUNS
202266 $  2,143.34 FRESH TRANSAXLE
203573 $  1,885.14 NEW SHOCKS AND SPRINGS
203574 $     699.38 RL OPERABLE WINDOW W/TINT
209688 $     203.35 MISC ISSUES
              $83,432.19 TOTAL PROJECT COST

And the total out the door price includes all tax and license too.

Nice buy, Joby! Nice Syncro Westy!



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