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1987 Vanagon Full Camper - #953

1987 Vanagon Full Camper - #953 (165,139 Miles) - $62,031.18 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.5 Liter Flat Four

Trans: Manual

Color: Silver

VIN: WV2ZB0255HH021712

Options: A/C, P/S, AM/FM CD PLAYER, FRNT INT. WIPERS  [What Are These?]

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We're built this one for David of Canada. Dave sent down his beloved 85 Westy, and... well... We suggested not starting with that one. It was a bit... Let's just say it was not a good idea! So, we set out to find him a better candidate, and this one came along.

We got this one from a southern California resident who bought it brand new. It has all original paint, no accident history, and no rust. No AC - which is very rare for a US model, but quite common in Canada. So, it is extra perfect for Dave.

We paid $2675 for it, as-is, delivered. We are marking that up only 5%. So, the price of the vehicle itself, as-is, came to $2808.75. A much better vehicle to start with than his '85, and not a bad price!

Here is a report showing how it all added up:

   INV#         COST         DESCRIPTION

201706    $  2,958.75    VPC - Vehicle Purchase Contract
201707    $15,260.93    Exterior/Interior Restoration
201708    $  5,345.31    Susp, Big Brakes, Steering, Wheels, Bearings
201709    $  3,031.74    Cooling and Heat
201711    $  1,163.84    Service, Fuel Delivery System
201712    $     989.60    All New Exhaust System
201713    $  2,598.65    Reliability Items
201714    $     986.10    Dash Rebuild
201715    $  1,109.55    Stereo, Front Speakers
201716    $     854.90    S.A. Headlights
201717    $     807.65    Aux Battery
201718    $  3,744.98    Black Leather Recaro Seats & Front Panels
201731    $  2,323.30    Mud Flaps, Tint, Steering Wheel, Mats, Front Hitch
201732    $13,640.34    2.5 Engine, 5sp Tranny w/Posi, Shifter, Clutch
201750    $  1,754.95    Propex Furnace
201969    $  1,605.75    Project Over-Runs
202777    $     486.30    Mattress, Straps, Fuses, Speedo, Fridge Wire
202778    $     803.35    Power Windows, Kill Switch, Deer Whistle
202785    $     193.50    Cup Holders, Lift Assist
202801    $  1,898.79    Solar, Electric Fridge
202889    $     472.90    Roof Rack
               $62,031.18    TOTAL PROJECT COST

We did the following restoration work:

• Undercarriage stripped clean of EVERYTHING
• Completely rebuilt suspension, including Bilstein shocks
• Fresh GoWesty 2.5 liter engine, with all new exhaust
• Fresh GoWesty 5-speed custom-geared tranny with torque biasing differential
• Super duper thorough GoWesty major service
  - all maintenance items back to zero miles
• Over $2700 worth of just-in-case reliability-enhancing items
• ALL NEW cooling and heating systems
• 16" Tire & Wheel Package
• All NEW brakes, South African big brakes up front
• All new wheel bearings
• New drive axles
• Body completely stripped and repainted back to original silver glory
• Black texture coating applied around lower band of body
• GoWesty plate steel bumpers, with 2" receivers (front and rear)
• New 3-window acrylic pop-top tent
• GoWesty super duper, ultra thorough detail inside and out
  - everything that is supposed to be there is there
  - everything that is there works: guaranteed
• Brand-new LP tank
• State-of-the-art auxiliary battery system
• High powered headlight upgrade with South African grill and round headlights
• Headlight protectors
• Upgraded in-dash CD player with hands-free cell phone and iPod interface
• Upgraded speakers throughout
• Black leather Recaro front seats and front door panels
• Propex furnace
• South African black leather steering wheel
• Mud flaps, nice mats, and, and, and...

Congratulations, Dave!

Dave writes:

From: Dave
Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2011 10:05 PM
To: The Crew at GoWesty

Thank you, Lucas. I truly appreciate the personal effort and the call on our behalf. Please don't worry about the reimbursement for those sorts of things. On a project as big as this, things will inevitably fall in the cracks or just need a little help. The timely sharing of your knowledge and an appropriate intervention to assist with the repair are worth far more than any reimbursement but thank you all the same.

You asked if I am pleased. Perhaps the best way to answer, and to compliment your hard working and dedicated staff, is as follows;

• Tim, the driver from Western Trade Winds Transport Ltd. who delivered her on Monday evening, couldn't believe that anyone made Westys like that. He was very impressed and he sees a lot of vehicles.

• In order to get the vehicle certified so that it could be registered for operation in Alberta, she had to go to a government sanctioned mechanic at a "big box" store called Canadian Tire for an inspection. The inspection takes 3 hours and covers everything important. I was second in the line on Wednesday morning behind a 2005 Vette convertible. He failed. Shirley passed with flying colours. Whilst I checked in, the fellow who was working at the desk realized that I had an 87 Westy he warned me that the process was very thorough and many vehicles were sent away to have additional work done before they were granted approval. When he called to say that the inspection was finished, he apologized profusely for his earlier comments and said that they had never seen a vehicle like that in the shop. Ever.

• Late this afternoon, we managed to finish the independent appraisal process which is required for insurance purposes. I gave the adjuster all the invoices, the final spreadsheet, the purchase and sale documents (thanks Linda), all the pictures, the import and inspection paperwork and met him at Tony's. He claims to have seen it all but you folks certainly impressed him with the meticulous attention to detail. He appraised her at full value plus the cost of transport and all the fees, duties, taxes required to get her here. My insurance rates will be going up but she'll be covered.
Kudos to the staff on a job well done.

I haven't really answered your question. What about me? She is a beauty and everything I hoped for at this early stage of adoption. I'll be able to better assess when we're camping somewhere in the middle of nowhere after a long mountain bike ride watching the sun go down.

The engine is strong, she doesn't seem to be burning much, if any, oil. The higher gear ratios certainly help at highway speeds. The G gear seems to be a stump pulling, steep hill "granny" gear. Do you use it for all starts or do you typically start in 1? The increases in horsepower and torque are significant. She climbs well and corners nicely. If all goes well, she will make her first trip across the continental divide to Penticton B.C. this weekend. Fingers crossed.


From: Dave
Sent: Monday, July 02, 2012 8:26 PM
To: Lucas and crew
Subject: Thanks and Kudos

Hi Lucas.
Unfortunately, life has been busy since mid-May and I haven't been able to spend any time in Shirley until this weekend (Canada Day).
We were driving back from a mountain bike race this afternoon and my wife paid GoWesty a great compliment. She happily remarked about how well Shirley handled a nasty Alberta breeze at high speed, and what a comfortable ride she has. I thought I had better pass along the high praise from the higher power.

Many thanks and happy 4th of July.



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