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2003 Eurovan Weekender - #927

2003 Eurovan Weekender - #927 (121,988 Miles) - $40,585.70 Total delivered price.

Engine: 204HP VR6

Trans: Automatic

Color: Silver

VIN: WV2NB47093H000647

Options: Four Speed Automatic Transmission (4SPD-AT), Air Conditioning (AC), Power Brakes (PB), Anti-Lock Brakes System (ABS), Electronic Limited Slip (ELS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Power Steering (PS), Power Windows (PW), Power Door Locks (PDL), Keyle  [What Are These?]

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We purchased this Westy for $13,750. We are marking that up 20%, which is $2750. So, the starting price for the vehicle itself is only $16,500. This Westy has all original paint. Nice vehicle from the southwest which means: no covered-up rust anywhere, no harsh weather abuse.

John from Colorado is having us fix this one up NICE.

Here is a report showing how it all added up:

Invoice         Cost             Description

202837     $   2,067.72     Project Over-Runs
201359     $   8,709.09     Interior/Exterior Detail
201360     $   3,225.26     Major Service, Suspension, Cooling
201461     $   1,807.81     Timing Chains
202330     $   6,688.12     Tires, Portable Fridge, Solar
202468     $      542.70     Stereo, Rubber Mats
200883     $  17,545.00     Vehicle Purchase Contract, S&H
                   $ 40,585.70     Total Project Cost

• Super duper GoWesty maintenance service
  - All maintenance items back to zero miles
  - New water pump with "anti-sudden death, engine melt-down" steel impeller
  - New plastic thermostat housing and thermostat
• All new timing chains
• New Bilstein shocks all around
• Front suspension adjusted back to new specs
• Four wheel alignment
• New main battery
• Super duper GoWesty detailing inside, outside, and under
  - Back to as close to new as you can get
  - Everything that is SUPPOSED to be there is THERE
  - Everything that is there WORKS, guaranteed!
• New, much higher capacity sealed deep cycle auxiliary battery
• Electric cooler hard-wired for better reliability
• New Engel fridge mounted on quick-release platform
• Solar Panel Kit
• Power Inverter
• Complete Yakima roof rack system w/locking towers
• Eurovan full camper swivel seat pedestal on passenger side
• New BFG All Terrain tires mounted on 16" x 7.5", 8 hole design wheels
• New sliding window side screens
• Nice stereo system with iPod interface and blue tooth cell phone control
• Black texture coating on bumpers and all around lower body line
• Comfy new mattresses for top and bottom beds
• Shipping costs to his front door!

John writes:

From: John
Sent: Sunday, September 18, 2011 2:48 PM
To: Lucas
Subject: Van is here and looks great

Hello everyone,
The Eurovan did arrive on Friday afternoon, and it looks terrific. I am very pleased, and want to thank everyone who did such a great job on it. I also want to write that despite my frustrations (over the vehicle transport), I have to admit that I am happy with the way the van was transported (which was out of your control)


From: John
Sent: Sunday, November 27, 2011 4:47 PM
To: S. Lucas Valdes
Subject: Van was great!

Hi Lucas,
We took the van for our first extended trip over Thanksgiving -- from Boulder, CO to Death Valley, CA for some camping. It performed superbly and we are extremely pleased with it. What's more, every time I returned to the van after a hike I couldn't help but think how absolutely fantastic it looked. Thanks to you and your team for an outstanding job.


From: John
Sent: Monday, December 12, 2011 3:54 PM
Subject: Graham weekender: Wrong curtains: SOLVED

Hi Lucas,
No problem at all. I am grateful to Larry for finding a curtain that matched my existing set.
I want to tell you that just today I commented to my wife that every time I turn into our drive and open the garage door, I am really, really happy to see the Eurovan sitting in there. It is the best looking Eurovan in Boulder, and there are a lot of them around here.


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