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1991 Vanagon Full Camper Syncro

1991 Vanagon Full Camper Syncro (286,698 Miles) - $78,367.60 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.5 Liter

Trans: Manual

Color: White

VIN: WV2ZB025XMG003870

Options: KE, AC, PW, PDL  [What Are These?]


A bit of background on this van: We have a long history with this Syncro Westy. Back in about 2008 it was shipped accross the country from Florida by Bobbi, who had purchased brand new in 1990. It was getting long in the tooth and needed a full restoration--GoWesty style! Details on all the work we did back then can be found here.  Over the last 10 years since we did the bulk of the work, the vehicle came back several times to be serviced by us many times.

The last few years she owned it she would leave the van out here and fly out once or twice a year to take it on road trips on the west coast. When the time came and she decided that it was time to part ways with the van, GoWesty purchased it for $40,000.00. We are marking that up 10%, getting it back to zero miles maintenance-wise, and adding a bumper to bumper, 48/48 Vehicle Road Warraior warranty. 

This Syncro Westy is in excellent mechanical condition. All the camper equipment functions properly. The interior is still in excellent condition. It got a full exterior restoration in 2008 and it still looks great. 

Here is an overview of work we did when Bobbi owned the van:

Here is what we've done to the van to prepare it for a new home:

In addition to the above service work, the following upgrades and add-ons have been added to the van:

It is ready for a new home, and for new adventures! This awesome Syncro Westy would cost well over $100K to build from scratch today. Don't blink: It will be gone before you know it!

Note: The advertised price does not include tax, license, and/or shipping charges, as applicable.

SOLD! Allen from Texas snapped this one up within days of posting it for sale. Total out the door price was $78,367.60, which included the following upgrades, installed:

• GoWesty EFI with Scan Gauge
• GoWesty Overheat Alarm kit
• GoWesty Trailer Wiring Kit
• Blazecut Fire Suppression System

Shipping to his door in Texas. 

Here's how it all worked out:

Page                 Cost                      Details 
   1                 $49,530.00         Vehicle Cost, 10% Mark Up, Doc Fees, Road Warrior Vehicle Warranty, Transportation Out 
   2                   $2,618.50         Fiamma Awning, Air Compressor Kit, Hook-Up Boxes, Deep Cycle Battery
   3                   $1,853.60         Front Door Panels, Stereo, Printed Circuit Board Kit, 2nd Shelf for Fridge Removal Kit,
                                                   Center Console
   4                   $1,016.09         Rear Hitch, Add Seat Rails for Middle Seat
   5                   $1,870.98         Larger Capacity LP Tank, Service AC System, Diagnose/Repair Idle Problem
   6                   $2,363.80         Replace Alternator, Fuel Injectors, Oxygen Sensor, Fuel Pump, Battery
   7                   $3,619.34         Exterior Restoration, Windshield Tint, Replace Flywheel, Shurflo Faucet Kit, 
                                                   Interior/Exterior Detailing
   8                   $2,368.15         Rear Bumper, Dual Swing Away System, Storage Box, Rotopax
   9                   $1,549.95         Stainless Steel Exhaust System with Catalycic Converter & Saddles
 10                   $5,084.57         GoWesty Major Service, Fox Shocks
 11                   $6,492.62         Pop-Top Lift Assist, Replaced Skylight, GoWesty Engine Management System, 3-Point Seat-Belts

                      $78,367.60         Total price

Nice buy, Allen!


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