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1991 Vanagon Full Camper

1991 Vanagon Full Camper (259,297 Km Miles) - $80,499.89 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.5 liter flat four

Trans: Manual

Color: Blue

VIN: WV2ZB0257LH091558

Options: AT, PM, PW, PDL, AC, CC, RR Wiper  [What Are These?]

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Dennis sent his beloved Westy down from Ontario, Canada. He sent me some photos, and I told him flat out, "Man, your Westy has cancer!" "I know, I know", he said, "But I love her and I want to save her!"

OK, we will do it!.

Here is all Dennis signed up for:

- Complete disassembly outside, inside, and under
- Pop-top and luggage rack replaced
- Body stripped to bare metal
- All seams scraped out and flushed out with rust inhibitor
- Complete repaint back to original color
- Black texture treatment around bottom, GoWesty style
- New 100% acrylic pop-top tent
- New LP tank
- Every nook and cranny inside cleaned thoroughly
- Nice speakers installed-already had a decent CD player
- Undercarriage stripped CLEAN of EVERYTHING
- Scraped, wire brushed, rust treated as needed, thoroughly undercoated
- Suspension and steering completely rebuilt
, All new brakes, big brakes up front
- Bilstein shocks and GoWesty springs all around
- New Michelin HydroEdge tires and new GoWesty 16" wheels
- Fresh GoWesty 2.5 liter engine
- All new exhaust
- All new cooling system
- GoWesty super duper, ultra major service-all maintenance back to zero miles
- All new fuel delivery system-fuel tank re-sealed, ALL new fuel hose
- Full page of reliability-enhancing components preemptively replaced to the tune of over $2400
- Fresh 4-speed transaxle re-geared for 2.5 liter engine
- 14" spare tire on an alloy wheel-uses same bolts
- Solar powered auxiliary battery system
- Original fridge replaced with new storage space
- Engel all-electric frig installed on Engel quick-release platform
- Shipping from/to their front door!And a whole bunch more....

Here is a report showing how it all added up:

Page   Cost  Description
1 $2,540.00 Shipping / Check out
2 $19,695.70 Interior / Exterior Restoration
3 $1,554.98 Dash R&I&O/H
4 $10,137.03 Undercarriage Restoration
5 $1,150.90 Major Service / Fuel System
6 $2,324.24 Cooling / Heat
7 $2,498.70 Reliability Items
8 $11,405.54 2.5 Engine / Fresh Speedtrans, Axles / Exhaust
9 $3,393.44 AUX Battery / Solar / Electric Frig / Stereo
10 $1,158.85 Hook Ups, Sliders, LR Window
11 $423.70 Bike Rack / Keyless Entry
12 $4,834.83 Leather Seats / Panels / Speakers
13 $4,437.60 Furnace / Luggage Bag / Wasserstopper / Lift Assist / Yakima Racks / Awning
14 $2,082.65 Steering Wheel /  Matress / RHS PW / Screens
15 $1,530 Color, Sand, Polish, Wax & Touch-Up Paint
16 $461.20 Store Items
17 $939.90 SS Exhaust
18 $4,150.20 New EFI / Transaxle /Oil Plates / 4.57/Posi
19 $719.85 Piston & Liner /  Injectors / Bilstein Shocks
20 $890.95 Stereo / Clock / Sunbrella Car Cover
21 $509.85 Frig-B-Gone / Pwr Window & Door Lock / LED
22 $254.70 Hook Up Boxes / Fridge Accessories
23 $1,339.50 Pop-Top / Tent / Skylight
24 $2,065.58 Misc. Interior and Exterior Upgrades
  $80,499.89 Final Project Total


From: Dennis
Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2013
To: Lucas and the GoWesty crew
Subject: after-action report- trip to Pinery Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada


From: Dennis
Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2013
To: Lucas and the GoWesty crew
Subject: after-action report- trip to Pinery Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

Hi Lucas and crew,

Drove about 500 km round trip; drivability and throttle response of the GW-EFI system are very good! This even at ambient conditions 18-28 degrees C, and high humidity.

The stability on the road with the new GoWesty custom Bilstein shocks is very good—better as compared to the regular Bilstein shocks I had on there.

Replaced one of the hook-up boxes with a new GoWesty design box—works well!

Thank you,


From: Dennis
Sent: Saturday, June 09, 2012 8:35 AM
To: Lucas
Subject: First night camping

Hi Lucas

Camping on Lake Huron!



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