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1986 Vanagon Weekender Syncro

1986 Vanagon Weekender Syncro (147,418 Miles) - $39,026.78 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.5 Liter Flat Four

Trans: Manual

Color: White

VIN: WV2XB0250GG079688

Options:  [What Are These?]


Louis had this vehicle "restored" at another shop. It took them about 2 years... and then it ended up here to be "re-restored."

The other shop took the vehicle completely apart and had a very nice paint job done (was bronze, now is white). They also re-did the entire interior, as well—not too badly, either. They also outfitted it with some nice stuff, like the rear racks.

The problem is that they probably should not have started with this particular vehicle... plus, they did not have a CLUE on the mechanical end of things. That is, it had quite a bit of rust—some of it was not repaired very well—and it was put back together, well, just plain WRONG. They did some rather goofy stuff, not the least of which was put a Subaru engine in it that would NEVER pass a smog test. When we started digging in, that turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg...

This is a very short version of a much longer story... Suffice it to say: If Louis had it to do over, he would have just started at GoWesty. But, hey, he finally got here!

Here is what we did:

• Subaru engine replaced with a fresh GoWesty 2.5 liter engine
• Transaxle and rear locker fixed and made to actually work
• AC re-worked
• All new exhaust system
• All new cooling system
• Full page of reliability-enhancing components preemptively replaced
• All instruments repaired and recalibrated
• Five 215/70-16 BFG tires all around on GoWesty 16 x 7.5" wheels
• Skid plate to replace small spare tire carrier
• GoWesty steel bumpers front and rear (to replace the pathetic imitations that were on there)
• New LP tank
• Propex British-made LPG furnace in place of original rear heater
• South African leather steering wheel
• Every nook and cranny on the inside gone through
• Solar powered auxiliary battery system
• All-electric Engel freezer/fridge installed quick-release style behind passenger seat
• Nice stereo with flip down DVD player and sub woofer
• GoWesty pop-top adjustable lift-assist strut system
• Basically gone through from end to end, fixed, and re-fixed!

Louis has agreed to act as a reference, and can be reached at:



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