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1987 Vanagon Weekender Syncro

1987 Vanagon Weekender Syncro (191,998 Miles) - $54,454.87 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.3 Liter Flat Four

Trans: Manual (4-Speed)

Color: White w/ Gray-Blue Interior

VIN: WV2ZB0250HG031733

Options: PM, AC, PM, PDL  [What Are These?]

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Now, here is an real "hen's tooth". The Wolfsberg Weekender was offered only in 85, 86, and 87 (2WD), and only 86 and 87 in Syncro (4WD). The best one is the 1987, like this one. The whole time we have been doing business, only four of these guys have come along, and three of us here (Taylor, Scott, and myself) kept the first three of them for ourselves. This one is not spoken for...yet.

With 190k miles we left no stone unturned mechanically: Brakes, suspension, cooling, engine, trans, clutch, exhaust, fuel--all systems thoroughly gone through and restored back to new. Plus, this one got a fresh GoWesty 2.3 liter engine, fresh GoWesty rebuilt transaxle with a little taller 1.14:1 3rd gear (7%) and 0.77:1 4th gear (9%), lower final drives front and rear (5.43:1 instead of 4.86:1--12% LOWER), 15" wheels with BFG 215/75-15 tires (about 12% taller), drive shaft decoupler and solid shaft instead of viscous coupler (switch from 2wd to 4wd on the fly, as needed), front and rear posi traction "torque biasing" differentials, Old Man Emu shocks, and 2" lifting springs. All we have done to it aesthetically is clean it thoroughly inside and out, treat some minor rust here and there, and put a set of our steel bumpers on it and a new three-window acrylic pop-top tent. That, plus a nice stereo and new skylight. In my opinion, it looks good enough and is perfectly functional, especially for a off-road going vehicle. But if you want it nicer, just say the work and we will go for it...

There is more to this story. As I stated, Taylor, Scott and I all have 1987 Wolfsberg Weekender Syncros just like this one. What is even more interesting is that mine is also white, and is only 2-digits off on the VIN number! That's right, these two Syncro Weekenders came off of the assembly line practically bumper to bumper. And, after all these years and all the way from Austria, and these guys end up at GoWesty! What a trip, I should buy a lottery ticket for everyone here...

There's more. When this vehicle first showed up it had a in-line 4-cylinder "Jetta" engine conversion. The owner was at his wits end trying to get it to run reliably and pass smog, even though he had spend nearly $9,000 in the process. He finally got fed up and decided to sell the vehicle to GoWesty with the agreement that we would remove the engine, put it on a pallet, and ship it back to the folks that sold it to him! He ended up getting back something like $2500. We gave him $8,000 for the vehicle WITHOUT the engine. Boy, that was a hard and expensive lesson! The price listed above is our cost plus 10% ($8800) plus all the work we have done to it. We just took this guy along on our annual Baja extravaganza over the winter break (click here for photos), along with four other GoWesty Syncros. So the shake down cruise is done and included in the price! But, sales tax, registration fees, smog and safety checks and certificate, and/or shipping (as applicable) is not included.

Robert came 250 miles down from San Francisco to pick up the sweet 87 Wolfsburg Weekender Syncro. He placed the order for this guy back in June. The original plan was to finish it up mechanically, clean it up a bit and call it macaroni. Robert decided why not go for it, so we took it completely apart and, had a super nice epoxy paint applied, had the lower band re-done in black bed liner material. It came SWEEET.

The total out the door price came to $54,413.07, and included:
GoWesty super thorough major service
Fresh GoWesty 2.3 liter engine with 48/48 limited warranty
All new cooling system
All vehicle systems gone through thoroughly
Fresh GoWesty rebuilt Syncro transaxle with 48/48 limited warranty
-Ratio of 3rd gear raised by 4% (1.18 instead of 1.23)
-Ratio of 4th gear raised by 9% (.77 instead of .85)
- Final drives front and rear (12% lower) to correct for:
15” wheel package with 215/70-15 BFG All Terrain tires (12% taller)
Rest of drive train all rebuilt
Torque-biasing automatic limited slip differentials front and rear
Suspension, wheel bearing, and brake systems all rebuilt
South African big brakes up front
Over $1800 worth of just-in-case items for added reliability
Complete disassembly inside and out
Super thorough cleaning and detailing inside
New mattresses
Screen for sliding door opening
AC system converted to environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant
Complete repaint outside including pop-top
New acrylic pop-top tent
GoWesty “pre-runner” bed liner black texture coating all around
GoWesty steel plate bumper set
South African grill and high-powered headlight system
Extra more powerful automatic lighting for backing up
Nice stereo system
-AM/FM CD/MP3 with remote
-All new speakers
-i-POD interface adaptor
-XM radio
Rubber floor mats
Fiamma F45 10’ awning installed GoWesty Syncro style…
GoWesty deluxe 2nd battery kit with extra 12V outlet

Have a blast with her, Robert!

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