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1987 Vanagon Full Camper Syncro

1987 Vanagon Full Camper Syncro (191,998 Miles) - $72,934.37 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.5 Liter Flat Four

Trans: Manual (4-Speed)

Color: Red w/ Gray Interior

VIN: WV2ZB0253HH025872


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Luis wants a bright red Syncro Westy. Problem is, no such thing exists. So, he had us build him this all new, totally custom Syncro Westy. We started with a rust free, collision free, dark gray 1987 2WD Westfalia GL Camper. We took it COMPLETELY apart, had it painted bright red, and converted it to ALL NEW 4WD running gear, and the rest is history. It is getting one of our all new 2.5 liter power plants, decoupler, front and rear lockers, 16" wheels, custom geared transaxle, Recaro leather/cloth seats, all new interior panels re-done in Recaro leather/cloth combination to match the front seats, and, and, and.... Well you get the picture, just dream it up, and this one will have it!

It's DONE!!!!!

It took eight months, but it is done, done, done! This is Luis and his dad Hilbert. Luis called me back in April-ish. He said he wanted a bright red (his dad Hilbert's favorite color) Syncro Westy. I promptly told him that Syncro Westy's were never offered in bright red. He said, "OK, build me one!". So, eight months and $71,973.89 later, viola! This total out the door price includes:

1987 2WD grey Westy stripped to NOTHING
Exterior completely disassembled and repainted RED
Interior completely custom reupholstered
-Recaro gray leather/black cloth front seats with arm rests and RED "RECARO" lettering
-Front door panels in matching gray leather/black cloth
-All rear panels, seat, and cushions in matching Recaro gray/black cloth
-New GoWesty RED front seat belts
RED Blaupunkt stereo
High-end separate speaker sets front and rear, RED of course
All freshly rebuilt Syncro suspension and running gear installed
-all new suspension bushings
-all new wheel bearings
-all new rear brakes
-all new South African big front brakes
Fresh GoWesty 2.5 liter water boxer with 48/48 warranty
-125 horsepower (39% more than stock)
-175 ft-lbs torque(50% more than stock)
-complete with "2.5" insignia for rear hatch
Fresh GoWesty transaxle with 48/48 warranty
-with air locker
-5.43:1 final drive
-custom 3rd and 4th gears specifically for 2.5 liter engine
Fresh GoWesty front differential assembly
-with air locker
-Solid shaft instead of viscous coupler
-5.43:1 final drive to match rear
New GoWesty drive shaft with slip-joint instead of rubber donut
Four fresh GoWesty rebuilt drive axles
5-spoke 16" wheel package
Old Man Emu shocks
GoWesty progressive rate lifting springs all around
Built-in 12,000 BTU furnace
South African front grille and headlight system
GoWesty high powered headlight system
Keyless entry system
GoWesty acrylic 3-window pop-top tent
Fiamma F45 10' Awning
GoWesty deluxe 2nd battery kit
-All interior lighting wired to 2nd battery
-800 Want Inverter wired to 2nd battery
-12V Outlet on dash wired to 2nd battery
-Dash mounted Solar Charger plugged into 12V outlet
-Extra 12V outlets on stove panel in rear wired to 2nd battery
-Extra Fluorescent Light over rear bed cushion wired to 2nd battery
New dual LP tanks
Refrigerator updated
Trailer hitch
Smoke turn signals all around
Grab Handles
Add-on extra back-up light
OEM German Mudflaps all around
Digital Battery Volt Meter
Dual Blaster Horns (Red of course)
South African Leather Steering Wheel
Fresh seals/handles/knobs/small parts all around and and and - you name it this Syncro Westy has it!

The best part of the story is that this was a SURPRISE gift! Hilbert and his son Luis casually strolled onto the GoWesty lot, just "browsing". Hilbert had no idea what was up. Unknown by Hilbert, Luis and the entire family had kept a secret from him for EIGHT MONTHS! And the events that followed were carefully choreographed between Luis and I....

So I walk up to Hilbert and start up a conversation. He tells me that he once owned a 1970 Bus, LOVES the color red, and wanted to know ALL ABOUT the bright red Syncro we had on the lot. I said, "Well, you can have any one of these you wish, except for that one. We built that one special for a guy....". He says he would love to know how the things do off-road. So we all hop into my 2.5 liter powered Syncro Weekender and take a ride. He was grinning ear to ear when I locked up the front and rear differentials and practically IDLED up a GNARLY hill. On the way back from the test drive, he finally introduces himself, and says his name is Hilbert. I reply, "Boy, what a coincidence! The guy we built that red Syncro for is also named Hilbert! What are the chances of that!" Then, as we turn back into the GoWesty lot, I mention to him what the guy's last name is. By now he is starting to feel a bit squeamish..... Lots of hugs and kisses later, Hilbert is behind the wheel of his like-new, GoWesty bright RED, 2.5 liter, double locker, 16" wheeled, big brake equipped Syncro Westy. I took him back to meet the crew. It was then it hit me: Just about every member of the crew had a hand in this project! "Hilbert, this is Jeremiah. He and I converted the vehicle to 4WD. Mike over there built the 2.5 liter, Dustin the custom running gear. Jeremy over there installed the headlights, hitch, second battery. Taylor over there, he designed the bumpers and hitch. This is Jesse who did the furnace.....". It was a REAL group effort, and it made me proud of my guys. Truly. Great work, you guys!


Right ON!


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