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1991 Vanagon Full Camper Syncro

1991 Vanagon Full Camper Syncro (132,521 Miles) - $83,090.73 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.5 Liter Flat Four

Trans: Manual (4-Speed)

Color: Orly Blue w/ Gray Interior

VIN: WV2ZB025XMG001889

Options: PM, PW, PDL, CC, AC  [What Are These?]

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We built this super over-the-top sweet Syncro Westy for John and his family, from Missouri. It took several months but we got it done. This one started out at the beginning of the project as a very nice example. It had been re-paint edbefore we got it. The paint is not quite up to GoWesty standards, but is very, very nice.
We paid $25,000 for this Syncro Westy, and sold it to John for cost plus 10%.  Then we did it up right.
Total out the door price came to $82,951.41, including:
Fresh GoWesty 2.5 liter engine, 125HP (39% more), 175 ft-lbs of torque (50% more)  
Fresh GoWesty custom geared transaxle and front differential  assemblies
    - 5.43 final drive ratio (12 % lower) 
    -1.14 3rd gear ratio (7% taller)
    -.077 4th gear ratio (9% taller)
Triple knobs:  Front and rear diff locks, decoupler, solid shaft (click here) 
Bigger than South African big brakes up front
GoWesty 16x7.5" alloy wheels
BFG 225/70-16 All-Terrain tires (about 15% taller)
Old Man Emu shocks
New suspension lifting springs for 1.5" more ground clearance
All systems thoroughly gone through, all maintenance items back to zero miles
Pop-top and luggage rack painted to match body
GoWesty custom Propex furnace installation:
    -Rear factory coolant driven heater removed
    -Propex installed in it's place
    -Factory look false floor installed over furnace
    -GoWesty custom enclosure panel with furnace ducting
High powered South African headlights and grille
Keyless entry

High end stereo system
-Pioneer CD/MP3 head unit
-Pioneer i-POD interface adaptor
-All new speakers throughout
-Bazooka self amplified sub woofer, installed quick-release style
-Drop down DVD player with wireless headphones
-Sub woofer under rear seat for full theater sound

GoWesty deluxe 2nd battery system
50 watt solar panel system on roof
Refrigerator removed and turned into cabinet space
Super high efficiency, quick-release ARB freezer/frig THAT WORKS
GoWesty "pre-runner" treatment   
    -Extraneous body molding holes welded up
    -Bed-liner black texture coat all around lower body line and door thresholds
AC updated to environmentally friendly refrigerant
Fiamma F45 awning
Yakima roof rack system
Black rubber mats throughout
Over $2500 worth of just-in-case reliability enhancing items replaced
Very comprehensive AUL "CLASSIC" zero deductible warranty
And much more...
These folks flew in on a Friday into the SF Bay Area from Missouri, rented a car, and drove the 240 south to Los Osos. We spend a good part of day going over all the features of their new ride, then they hit the road. Here is the email we got from them weeks later:


-----Original Message-----

From: John

Sent: Friday, December 31, 2006 10:33 AM

To: S. Lucas Valdes

Subject: Purchase experience/drive home/fuel efficiency


Working with Go Westy on our Syncro was a very pleasant experience. We provided Go Westy with the $1000 down payment after speaking with Lucas and two months later he had a 1991 Orly Blue Syncro. Lucas and I worked closely together customizing and updating everything we could.

All of the recommendations Lucas made were right on. My wife, two young kids and myself arrived very excited on a November Saturday morning. The vanagon exceeded my expectations. The Go Westy team really did a great job restoring this vanagon syncro, you wouldn't know it was a 1991 vintage. My wife, the harsh critic, was very impressed.

Lucas went over all the systems and off we went driving from Los Osos to Missouri. The new 2.5 ran flawlessly and we were even passing people. We camped a few days on the coast, then hit Sedona, then hit San Antonio. We drove 16 hours from San Antonio to Missouri and covered a total of 3000 miles. As if we had not had enough we turned around and drove another 1000 miles to Oklahoma and back. Within the first month we covered 4000 trouble free miles.

A few weeks after getting back we took a short trip over the river and through the woods to Grandmothers house which is 122miles round trip.  Before leaving I pumped 15.818 gallons into my tank letting the automatic shut off end the pumping session.  Upon return I pumped 9.452 gallons into my tank letting the automatic shut off end the pumping session.  I consumed 6.366 miles dividing this into 122 miles yields 19.18 miles per gallon.  The terrain was rolling hills light breeze.  (During my trip back from GoWesty) I thought I was getting really good efficiency, I just never checked it driving across country as I had enough to keep straight and happy.

I now have a tough dilemma, I enjoy driving the Vanagon more than my Toyota truck! I would also like to add, I had never met Go Westy before picking up my van. Everything was done over the internet and phone. There is no need to second guess yourself when dealing with Go Westy, Lucas has even been available to answer a few of my " how do you do this again " questions.

Thanks for building my van!!

Happy trails, family!

Yes, that's right, even an $80+ Syncro CAN break down! John is a true Vanagon person, through and through. Here is what he wrote us after a recent break-down, during which he had to wait weeks for a local shop to get into gear and fix his Vanagon:

From: John
Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2007 1:31 PM
To: S. Lucas Valdes
Subject: Breakdown


I know you have done everything you were supposed to do to get the parts to the shop in record time, no bone there. To be honest I just miss my Syncro and want it back!

I have lost major face with my Eurovan Loving friend who seems to love to rub it in every time I break down. It is annoying but it's fitting... I guess he can't help himself. In spite of this, my wife and I are planning the next big Westy adventure! We are thinking about way up north in Wisconsin or Michigan so the kids can learn to snow ski.

I had some Westy karma last week. I was on a bicycle tour through Florida. We were riding into Bahia Honda Key at dusk and I thought to myself we are going to camp next to a Westy. Low and behold there was one powered by Subaru (vanarue) from Quebec. We met Jean-Pierre the owner and actually spent a lot of time with him the next day and in Key West. He is currently driving my good friend I was on the tour with back up the west coast of Florida to Gainesville. I like my Syncro better!

Here is to smooth sailing from now on!



Right on, John! That's the spirit! And, don't feel so bad, even Eurovans break down. I have a 1997 EVC I put my daughter Clara in for a 2000 mile trip this last summer. The alternator went out in Colorado. Just this last weekend my son Lucas Jr. broke down in the same EVC, broken axle.... What goes around, comes around!







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