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1987 Vanagon Full Camper Syncro

1987 Vanagon Full Camper Syncro (158,176 Miles) - $78,479.47 Total delivered price.

Engine: GoWesty 2.4

Trans: Manual

Color: White w/ Gray Interior

VIN: WV2ZB0254HG078067

Options: AC,CRUISE, PW, PB, PDL, PS  [What Are These?]

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We had already done a bunch of work on this Westy for the previous owner, Scott, including:

GoWesty 2.4 liter engine
GoWesty transalxe with locking differential
Custom 1.18:1 3rd gear-4% taller
Custom 0.77:1 4th gear-9% taller
Driveshaft decoupler (This is a 2-knob syncro)
Solid shaft to replace viscous coupler-for real 4WD
South African headlight grill and HP headlights
Propex furnace
GoWesty bumpers

Total cost of the above was $26,649.32. He was leaving the beautification for last, then ran into a situation that necessitated moving on. We ended up purchasing this Syncro Westy for $23,000.

Enter Harvey, from the San Francisco Bay Area. He came down and picked up this Syncro Westy for our cost plus 20%: $27,600, and had us finish it up right.

Total out the door price listed includes:

Complete exterior disassembly and restoration
    -exterior color change from dark gray to white
    -all window seals and frames updated to black no-molding look
    -black texture treatment all around the bottom
Full interior re-do with Recaro seats and matching fabric on rear seat
Over $1300 worth of just-in-case reliability enhancing parts installed
GoWesty heavy duty axles with Porsche 930-size CV joints
Full Yakima roof racks
Pioneer AVIC N3 in-dash navigation/xm tuner with flip-up screen
Added factory cruise control system
AUL bumper to bumper warranty 
All tax, license, smog and safety checks, certificates, fees.

Nice buy, Harvey!

Harvey writes:

-----Original Message-----
From: Harvey
Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2007 7:38 PM
To: Valdez Lucas
Subject: solar, fridge, wench, etc

Hey Lucas,

Love my Westy, but on my next stop down there, i'd like to get a solar panel, fridge (take out the old piece of shit and buy an electric) and a bunch more stuff.  I'd also like to check out your bike rack in the back of  your van - mine recently beat the crap out of my back door during some serious off-roading hunting deer/boar.  I continue to be amazed by what this baby can do!  It's not the best RV, the best road van, the best off-road vehicle, but it is damned good at all of them! 





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