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1990 Vanagon Full Camper

1990 Vanagon Full Camper (63,822 Miles) - $53,555.50 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.1 liter flat 4

Trans: Manual

Color: White

VIN: VW2ZB0255LG122148

Options: PM, MT, AC  [What Are These?]

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Here is a garage queen from Tennesse! Very low mileage, super nice condition to begin with. We paid $15,700 for it, which is the most we have ever paid for a 2WD unrestored camper. That's how nice it is. All paint is original except for the one section on the drivers side. There was a small defect there we had fixed. It now looks like new, no dings, not dents, not a scratch. Price above includes our modest mark-up of 10% and the following:

GoWesty Super Duper ultra thorough maintenance service
GoWesty Super Duper detail inside and out
GoWesty 16" alloy wheel package
Bilstein shocks
South African mud flaps all around
Nice stereo and new speakers all around
GoWesty high powered headlights
Refrigerator updated
New LP tank
GoWesty deluxe 2nd battery kit
AC serviced and updated to the new R134a refrigerant
AUL bumper to bumper, zero deductible, 50,000 miles, 5-year extended warranty

Price DOES NOT include tax, license, smog check and certificate, and/or shipping as applicable.

So? Why are you still staring at this screen?--Too late, SOLD!

Paul from Menlo Park, California snapped this dude up. Funny thing is he first came to GoWesty about a year ago in a Silver Westy he owned at the time. We fitted it with 16" wheels and Recaro seats, and he was contemplating go full tilt boogy on it, and have us do it all up right. But his wife had other plans. Long story short, he ended up coming back down and trading in the Westy for a 1999 Eurovan full camper (into which we transfered the Recaro seats, of course). Here he is a year later trading the EVC in for a Westy (into which the Recaro seats are getting transfered, of course)! I guess some folks need more time than others to figure out: Am I a Vanagon or Eurovan person?

Anyway, this Westy is way nicer than his old Silver one, and he is not cutting any corners on it. Total out the door price includes:

Fresh GoWesty 2.4 liter engine
Fresh GoWesty custom geared 5-speed

Big front brakes
All systems thoroughly gone-through as needed
Over $1900 worth of “just in case” reliability enhancing items
16” wheel package
Bilstein shocks
High powered headlights
Fiamma F45 awning
Nice MP3/CD player
New high quality speakers all around
Upgraded 2nd battery system with automatic charging when plugged into 110VAC
Nice carpet floor mats front and rear
Heavy duty rubber floor mats in front
All the cup holders a guy could want!
An AUL bumper to bumper, zero deductible, 60 month, 50k mile warranty


Paul did it up right for his and his family's safety and fun. He recently wrote us a note:



From: Paul Navabpour
Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2007 2:39 PM
To: PE Products
Subject: Follow up!


As you are aware, I have owned Westfalia vans ranging from a 1990 to a 2003.

I am now driving around in my GW'90 that you "built" for me to break in the engine/transmission.

I have to say the following:

DETAIL: Your crew did an amazing job in providing me a vehicle that drives like a NEW van! Truly unbelievable! Every aspect of the van's camping equipment looks like new. Dustin was super-patient with me during the pre-delivery inspection and demonstration...especially at 4:58pm on a Friday afternoon! I felt bad about asking so many questions and he actually encouraged me to ask more as if he was getting challenged to see what he couldn't answer. Dustin is merely the tip of the iceberg. Everyone from Greg, to Jerome, to all the others were super helpful along the way! PLEASE thank them all from me!


RECARO SEATS: I like these seats BETTER in the Vanagon than in the Eurovan...They should be standard equipment!


ENGINE: Although I am still breaking the engine in, I did vary the speed at several times to 70mph. It accelerated like no other Vanagon I have ever driven! The 2.4 engine was a good call!


5 SPEED: I can't believe you did NOT force the 5 speed on me earlier in the purchase. The 5 speed is a MUST with the larger engines. 70mph and the engine RPM barely under 3k!!! Unheard of!


I can go on and on about the wheel upgrades, the new tent, but I need to get back to work so that we can go camping sooner!


All the best,



Right on, Paul. Enjoy!






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