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1987 Vanagon Full Camper

1987 Vanagon Full Camper (137,202 Miles) - $54,256.64 Total delivered price.

Engine: GoWesty 2.3 liter

Trans: Automatic

Color: Post-It Yellow!!

VIN: WV2YB0257HH050080

Options: M/T, P/M, A/C, P/S, REAR WIPER  [What Are These?]

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We picked this one up for only $1500. We are marking it up the maximum we ever do, 20%, which is only $300. So, the cost of the vehicle itself including safety inspection and doc fees is only $1,930. This vehicle has a SALVAGE TITLE, which means at some point in its past there was an insurance claim that exceeded 75% of the value the insurance company opined it had. Since insurance companies are clueless as to the value of these Westy's, it does not take much of a claim to cause one of these guys to be "totaled". We do not know why it was "totaled", but for sure there is no evidence of collision damage, so it was probably something like a theft recovery. It is solid and rust free, interior is all intact, just dirty. The paint is very faded and in poor condition--needs a total re-paint. If you are looking for one with super sharp paint--especially a custom color, this is the perfect Westy. Since it was origianally gray, and the paint on the interior is still intact and matches the upholstery, this Westy can be painted any color you want and it would work....

Anne came down from San Francisco one day, and we took a walk around the GoWesty campus. We checked out all sorts of Westy's, but she could not find one she liked. None were YELLOW enough... Well, when I informed her, in that snooty way that I do, that, "Yellow was not offered in these model years, mam...".  "Well..." she replied, "Why can't you paint one yellow for me?. You painted one red for some guy, didn't you?" OK, so she got me...

In fact, THE color Vanagon to start with if you want an unusual color is THIS particular gray color. What is nice about this color is you can paint just the OUTSIDE, and leave all the gray paint that shows on the INSIDE alone. Since the interior is all gray anyway, it works.

So, I said, "Well, you got me. I guess we can paint it that yellow color they used on 1983/84 models..."  "Nope" she says, "I want it POST-IT yellow!"

So, I took a Post-It down to the body shop, and had them match the color EXACTLY. I sent the sample up to Anne to OK it, thinking she would reconsider. "Perfect!" she exclaims. So, Post-It yellow it is....

Well, when it got back from the paint shop, all stripped, in Post-It yellow... Let's just say I am glad I got it in writing! All of us here at GoWesty looked at it and said, "What have we done!" But, the customer is ALWAYS right, so we started putting it back together.

And slowly but surely, the more black we put on it, the better it looked. When it was done, VIOLA! A masterpiece!

What can I say? It takes a true visionary to look at a Westy THAT ugly, and envision a beautiful POST IT!

The total out the door pice shown above got Anne the following:

Super duper ultra thorough GoWesty service
-All maintenance items back to zero miles
Fresh GoWesty 2.3 liter engine
All new cooling system from end to end
Suspension, brake, electrical, fuel systems all thoroughly gone through
Over $2700 worth of just-in-case reliability enhancing items installed
Super thorough GoWesty detail inside and out
Full interior/exterior restoration
-Totally disassembled and repainted: Post-It Yellow
-All new window seals w/o the goofy plastic-wanabe-chrome moldings
-Upgraded rear side windows to the later vented type
-Interior disassembled, repaired, cleaned
-As close to new looking and working inside and out
-Black texture applied all around lower body section and front thresholds
-GoWesty plate steel bumpers
-Pop-top and luggage rack repainted to match the rest of the original paint
-New OEM German 3-window poptop tent
GoWesty 15" wheel and tire package
Bilstein shocks all around
New LP tank
GoWesty deluxe 2nd battery system
AC system updated to new environmentally friendly refrigerant
Nice stereo
Fresh AT transaxle
Solar powered refrigerator system
South African front grille and headlights with high power system
Black leather Recaro front seats
Fiamma F45 awning with a black case
Solar panel system and all--electric, super efficient Engel frig/freezer
Yakima roof rack brackets installed-rack ready
Yakima swing away 4-bike carrier
OEM VW South Africa mud flaps all around

And more...but I am running out of room!

Have a BLAST with her, Anne!




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