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2002 Eurovan Weekender - #847

2002 Eurovan Weekender - #847 (37,430 Miles) - $40,260.12 Total delivered price.

Engine: 204HP VR6

Trans: Automatic

Color: Silver

VIN: WV2NB47032H110902

Options: A/C,P/S, P/B, ABS, ELS, ESP, P/M, P/W, PDL, C/C, I/M WWF, I/M WWR  [What Are These?]


Ever wish you bought one of these when they were available new? Well, here is your second chance: It don't get any closer to new than this. Look at the photos, the plastic is over some of the carpet!

We paid the original owner $26,400 for this BEAUTIFUL weekender. We are marking it up only 5%. The price listed includes that, plus:

Super Duper GoWesty maintenance service
-All maintenance items back to zero miles
-New water pump with anti-sudden death, engine melt-down steel impeller
Super Duper GoWesty detailing inside, outside, and under
-Back to as close to new as you can get
New Michelin HydroEdge ires all around
Bilstein shocks all around
Front suspension adjusted back to new spec
Four wheel alignment.
OEM VW mud flaps all around
State of the art Pioneer DEH-P5000 stereo system
-AM/FM-best tuner on the market today
-CD and MP3 player
-Fully iPOD compatible
-Includes iPOD interface cable
-XM ready
-CD changer capable
AUL "RESERVE" level extended warranty
-60 months/50,000 miles
-Bumper to bumper
-Zero deductible
-Good at any independent shop or VW dealer
-Good anywhere in the USA or Canada
-Visit for details
Tinted windows throughout

This dude is NICE!
Get it while it's hot!
While supplies last!
Satisfaction guaranteed!
You can lead a gift horse to water, but you can't look in its mouth.
...........Wait, I may have gotten that last one wrong.....

Well, I did not confuse Frank. He came out all the way from the east cost to pick this guy up. Total out the door price included all of the above and sales tax too. Since Frank was driving the vehicle back to the east coast, with no intention of registering it in CA, we collected no DMV fees.

Nice buy, Frank! Enjoy the trip back!


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