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1987 Vanagon Hard Top Syncro - #890

1987 Vanagon Hard Top Syncro - #890 (108,589 Miles) - $36,356.84 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.1 Liter Flat Four

Trans: Manual

Color: Silver

VIN: WV2YB0255HGG031657

Options: A/C,PM,PS,RW,DIFF LOCK  [What Are These?]


Here is a one-owner, mostly original paint, Syncro GL 7-passenger Vanagon. We paid only $3500 for it as-is. NO! We will not sell it AS-IS. We don't do that.

This vehicle is nice, rust free, never crashed, but let's face it: It is TWENTY years old, and all completely original.

The price for this Syncro will be our cost, plus 20% (the most we ever mark one up), plus shipping, here, plus, but no limited to, the following work we have determined it needs:

GoWesty super duper detail inside and out
-All dings removed without breaking paint
-Interior disassembled, cleaned, put back together
-All factory equipment and lighting check and fixed as needed
-All roll-up window channel replaced
-All goofy chrome-look window moldings removed
GoWesty super duper major service
-All maintenance items back to zero miles
All vehicle systems: Cooling, fuel, instruments, electrical, suspension, brakes, steering
-gone through thoroughly and repaired/upgraded as needed
Fresh cylinder heads
Fresh GoWesty rebuilt transaxle
Decoupler system and solid shaft
15" alloy wheels with 225/70-15 Michelin LTX tires
New OEM shocks all around
GoWesty super thorough ultra major detail inside and out
-Everything it supposed to come with is there
-Everything that is there is guaranteed to work
-Black rubber floor mats throughout
AUL warranty
-Very extensive "ESTATE" coverage
-24,000 miles/24 month term
-Zero deductible
-Good at any VW dealer or independent repair shop
-Good anywhere in the USA or Canada

On top of that is whatever YOU want added. As a matter of fact, most of the above work has NOT been done yet. So, if you want it done differently--like different shocks, gearing, a fresh engine instead of just fresh heads--however you want it, we will do it. The above plan is a "minimum" approach...

PLEASE: Do not as to buy it as-is. We will not sell it as-is.

Price listed DOES NOT include tax, license, and/or shipping as applicable.

So, how do you want it? Rare, medium, or well....

Patrick snapped this one up, and wanted it just the way we had it penciled out, plus:

Fresh GoWesty 2.5 liter engine

GoWesty 2" lifting springs.

He is a local guy, so he has the luxury of doing about $18k of it now, and the rest in the coming year.

Nice buy, Patrick!


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