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1990 Vanagon Full Camper - #845

1990 Vanagon Full Camper - #845 (98,975 Miles) - $63,337.50 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.5 Liter Flat Four

Trans: Automatic

Color: Silver

VIN: WV2ZB0257LH093276

Options: P/M, A/C, P/S, P/B, REAR WIPER,PDL,CRUISE,P/W  [What Are These?]

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This is Tom and Carson of California. They came down from the SF Bay Area and spent a couple of hours penciling out their dream machine. They could not have picked a better Westy to start with.

This is EXACTLY the Westy for which we search HI and LOW. Nice, clean, rust free, mostly original paint, totally unmolested 1990 Westy in Flash Silver. The clear coat on the paint has "spider webbed", which is typical for Flash Silver. The paint is still functional in that it is keeping the body rust free. But this Westy is worthy of a proper and thorough exterior restoration, which is included in the price.

It still has UNDER 100,000 miles, which means it STILL qualifies for a very comprehensive and long term AUL warranty, which is also included in the price. And, that is a good thing, because this Westy has EVERY factory option--except AT (this one is a manual)--all covered by AUL.

We paid $8,000 for this one, plus $400 to ship it here from Southern California, where it has lived  most of its life. That was very, very fair. We are marking that up 20%, so they got the  vehicle itself starts for $9,600 plus tax and license. I challenge ANYONE to f ind a Westy THIS NICE, ANYWHERE for under $15k. You know what: You won't! I have seen Westy's come by for which folks have paid $18k that were not as nice as this one. I have seen that more times than I care to remember, in fact...

The total price Tom and Carson paid includes what we paid for it delivered, our mark up, and the following work which was NOT done when they purchased the vehicle itself:

Super duper ultra thorough GoWesty service
    -All maintenance items back to zero miles
Fresh GoWesty 2.5 liter engine with 48/48 warranty
Conversion to automatic transaxle
    -Fresh GoWesty automatic transaxle
    -Taller European gearing
    -Lower engine speeds at highway speed
Cooling system typical failure items replaced
Bilstein shocks all around
All new brakes front and rear, upgraded front
16" tire and wheel package
Exhaust, injection, electrical, fuel, steering, suspension systems all thoroughly gone through and repaired as necessary
Over $2700 worth of just-in-case reliability enhancing items installed
Super thorough GoWesty detail inside and out
    -Interior disassembled, repaired, cleaned, assembled
    -As close to new looking and working inside
Full exterior disassembly and re-paint back to new
    -Black texture applied all around lower body section and front thresholds
    -GoWesty plate steel bumpers
    -New German OEM pop-top tent with 3 windows.
New LP tank
Deluxe GoWesty 2nd battery system
50 watt solar panel mounted quick-release style on roof
Engel super efficient all-electric freezer/frig
Original frig removed and space turned into more cabinet space
GoWesty high powered headlight kit
AC system updated to new environmentally friendly refrigerant
Nice stereo with iPOD interface, all new speakers, and sub woofer
Rear seat retrofitted with headrests
Three point seat belts added to rear seat locations
Floor tracks added for additional slide-in bench seat
    -Seating for six adults, all with seat belts
All tax and licensing fees.
AUL "ESTATE" level warranty (visit
    -48 months/48,000 mile coverage
    -practically bumper to bumper coverage
    -zero deductible
    -good at any independent shor or VW dealer
    -good anywhere in the USA or Canada

And more, eleven pages of invoices in all.

NONE of this work is done when they signed up. Most of this stuff is non-negotiable, but some was. They decided to go with a fresh 2.5 liter instead of just fresh heads for example. The left us with a 50% deposit on all he work, and will be back in about 12 weeks when their DREAM WESTY is done!

Below is Tom, Carson, Walt, and Sam, just helping out around the shop....  Right on, guys!

Happy trails, family!



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