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2001 Eurovan Full Camper - #898

2001 Eurovan Full Camper - #898 (66,036 Miles) - $41,670.91 Total delivered price.

Engine: 200+ HP VR6

Trans: Automatic

Color: White

VIN: WV2EB47031H121578

Options: A/C,P/S, P/B, ABS, ELS, ESP, P/M, P/W, PDL, C/C, I/M WWF, I/M WWR  [What Are These?]

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Here is a SUPER nice 2001 Eurovan full camper. This is the first of the real good, 01-03 Eurovans. All 2001-2003 were identical, and a much better vehicle all around than the earlier 1997-2000 models.

We just got this one back. We sold it just a few months ago, for details on that sale, click here.

This is what we did just before we sold it the first time:

GoWesty lift and level
-Bilstein Shock Absorbers
-16" Wheel & Tire Package
-New 16" allow wheels
-New Michelin 235/60-16 HydroEdge tires
-4-wheel Alignment
GoWesty super duper ultra thorough 60k service
All new brakes
AC Service
New Water Pump With Steel Impeller
(instead of sudden-death factory plastic impeller water pump)
GoWesty super duper details inside and out
-as close to new looking, working, and smelling as possible
-everything that is supposed to be there is there
-everything that is there is works--guaranteed!
-two new batteries and charging isolator
-new windshield and seal
-GoWesty class three (2" square) trailer hitch
-Trailer wiring installed
AUL "RESERVE" extended warranty (
-5 year, 50,000 mile term
-bumper to bumper coverage
-zero deductible
-good anywhere in the USA or Canada
-good at any independent repair facility or VW dealer
-the price listed INCLUDES the $50 to transfer this warranty

As it turns out: His wife and kids just don't like to camp! Go figure! Now, THAT was an expensive experiment! They took only one trip in it, put just over 7000 total miles on it. And it is back, for over $7000 less than what they paid for it!

The vehicle is in the same EXACT vehicle that they purchased it, except:

1) A very small rock chip in the windshield.

2)  7,220 more miles on the odometer.

3) $7,312.41 fewer dollars....

As when it left, it has a small body imperfection we decided to leave alone, a close-up is included below. All the paint on this vehicle is original, and the rest of the body is flawless. The imperfection in question is hardly noticeable, and did not even break the paint. It would have cost $800 to fix it and repaint a section of the right side, and we felt it was not worth it, so we left it alone. Yea, it's not perfect, but hey, it's $800!

Other than that, there is nothing to report, it is a close to new as you can get, just like everything we sell.

All GoWesty campers are good values. Because of the unique circumstances surrounding this one; it is an especially good value.  We are marking this vehicle up only 8%.

Ken saw the light! He snapped this puppy right up, added a bitch'n Fiamm F45 10' awning, and had it shipped to his front door in Arizona! Total price delivered was $41,670.91.

Nice buy, Ken.


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