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1986 Vanagon Weekender - #863

1986 Vanagon Weekender - #863 (153,781 Miles) - $45,719.87 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.4 Liter Flat Four

Trans: Manual

Color: Gold

VIN: WV2XB0250GH126050

Options: P/S, A/C, P/M, PDL, AM/FM, iPOD, CD, MP3, Blut Tooth  [What Are These?]


Here is a southern California born and raised Wolfsburg Weekender. Absolutely NO RUST AT ALL, original paint in EXCELLENT condition. The paint is NOT perfect, but it is way, way too nice to repaint. The tent is also in great shape, but is the original with only one window.

The previous owner had the black texture applied around the bottom, and had already installed a set of our plate steel bumpers and 16" tire and wheel package. It is not exactly the way we do it—he did not do the threshold areas, and extended up higher than we do on the nose panel. But it is done and looks fine.

This WB WE is a bit peculiar option-wise. It HAS power steering, power door locks, power side view mirrors, and AC. But it DOES NOT have a rear wiper! That is strange.... What is really unique about this 1986 model is that it has the later style, 87-91 type AC system. This is the first 86 WB WE I have ever seen with the later 87-91 AC system.

It has the typical 85/86 tan corduroy fabric throughout the interior which is shredded in several places—also typical. The price listed INCLUDES all new upholstery throughout. We have not done that yet, so if you want all Recaro interior instead.... now is the time to do it!

The dashboard is SUPER NICE, very atypical of a BROWN dash... This Westy has obvously been stored inside, out of the sun. The carpet is still in great shape and will clean up like new.

We purchased this vehicle from a local family for $5,000. We are marking that up 20%, so the price of this one STARTS OUT at $6,000, plus tax and license, and/or shipping as applicable. The photos are of the vehicle as it arrived. We have not done anything to it YET.

However: We will not sell it as-is. The price for this vehicle is as listed above, which INCLUDES all of the following we have NOT DONE YET:

Fresh GoWesty 2.3 liter engine with Road Warrior 48/48 warranty coverage
Fresh GoWesty rebuilt transaxle with 48/48 warranty
Completely new cooling system from end to end
Suspension, brakes, steering, fuel systems all gone through as needed
Ceramic coated exhaust system-new muffler, cat, tail pipe, more
GoWesty super duper ultra thorough major service
Full page of reliability items
GoWesty super duper major detail
-Everything that is supposed to be there is there
-Everything that is there WORKS
-All new upholstery inside
Nice stereo upgrade with all new speakers, iPod, and hands-free cell phone

The folks that purchased this Weekender had us add the following:

Upgrading to a 2.4 liter engine with Syncro pulley seal
Upgrading to taller 3rd and 4th gears for lower RPM's on the highway
Posi traction differential WITH Syncro full-locking feature as well
GoWesty 1.5" lifting springs
Extra grab handle on drivers side --to heave-ho yourself in!
BFG All-Terrain tires all around, and a full size spare, on a
Body mounted swing-away tire carrier
Skid plate up front instead of low-hanging spare carrier
Three-point seat belts and head rests on the rear bench seat

We also did the following upgrades at no charge--as a gesture of good will, the value of which is included in the above out the door price:

Provided shipping of parts--which our warranty does not cover
Replaced the fuel tank twice--damaged by a system which we did not work on, and was therefore not covered by our warranty
Upgraded the fuel pump to genuine Bosch, per customer request
First oil and filter change




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