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1989 Vanagon Full Camper - #034

1989 Vanagon Full Camper - #034 (135,720 Miles) - $36,143.45 Total delivered price.

Engine: 2.3 liter flat four

Trans: Automatic

Color: White

VIN: WV2ZB0255KH001452

Options: P/M, A/C, P/S, P/B, REAR WIPER  [What Are These?]

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We picked this one up for $4500, and we are marking it up only 10%. That's only $450! So, the vehicle itself starts out at $4950, which is a very fair price for a Westy in this condition. However....

We will NOT sell it AS-IS for only $4950! The price for this vehicle is the one listed above! What we won't do is sell you a vehicle that's going to have problems down the road. We sell finished, trouble-free, fully functional, partially or fully restored Westies.

Interior: Very nice, a 9 out of 10. Needs some minor stuff and typical re-powder coating here and there, as well as some other bits and pieces—all included in the price. So, when we are done, the interior will be NICE.

Exterior: This Westy has some +/- rust. Somewhere between rust and RUST, but not exactly rust. But, it does not have full-on RUST. (What? Please read this, and it will all make sense.) Plus, it has a rather crummy paint job. From about 20 feet away, it looks great. But get up close, and  you will see what I mean. It is not up to our standards, plain and simple. If you want a garage queen, super top-drawer GoWesty machine: Don't start with this Westy. But if you want 100% GoWesty function and reliability—but don't have the budget for what that typically costs, and you are not that much into looks anyway—look no further, this is the one for you. None of the rust on this guy is any big deal—it is all cosmetic. Structurally it is totally sound. With some periodic attention, it won't be hard to keep at bay.

Mechanical: It needs both engine and transaxle, suspension, brakes, electrical, exhaust, and cooling work. Other than that: It is perfect! Everything it needs is included in the price, but none of it is done yet. So, if you want a 2.4 or 2.5 instead of a 2.3, or a 5-speed manual instead of a fresh automatic, just say the word, and we will pencil it out for you—your way.

This Westy has been coming to GoWesty since about August of 2005. It already has a set of our 16" wheels and Michelin HydroEdge tires, Bilstein shocks, new LP tank, 3-window pop-top tent, refrigerator update, all done in the last four years/15k miles.

Here is what we are doing to it, all of which is included in the price above:


• GoWesty super thorough ultra major service
- All maintenance items back to zero miles
• Fresh GoWesty 2.3 liter engine
• COMPLETELY NEW cooling system
• All new ceramic coated exhaust system
• Fresh GoWesty automatic transaxle
• GoWesty external A/T oil cooler
• All new brakes and master cylinder
• Complete fuel delivery system rebuild
• Suspension, electrical, injection—all gone through thoroughly
• Over $2000 worth of items to enhance reliability
• Exterior rust issues brought under control (none of which are serious)
• GoWesty added durability treatment:
- black-out treatment all around
- GoWesty plate steel bumpers
• GoWesty state-of-the-art 2nd battery system
• GoWesty super thorough ultra major detail inside and out
- Everything it is supposed to come with is there
- Everything that is there is guaranteed to WORK!
• AC serviced and working—but don't get too excited, it still sucks and may not work for long...

That is what you get for the listed price.... None of which is done yet.

We can build it up just like this, or we can build it exactly how you want it. It won't be the prettiest GoWesty vehicle on the road, but will still impress most people—especially the person in the passenger seat when you get home from a 10,000 mile trip without a hitch!

Gareth jumped in with both feet! His total out the door price includes all tax, licnes, smog test and cert fees. Plus, he added a nice stereo..

Happy trails, Gareth!


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