Vehicle Sales & Restoration

Looking to buy a van? We occasionally have one or two for sale. Please click here for vehicles currently available!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: GoWesty has decided to pivot away from vehicles sales and restoration altogether. This is a bittersweet decision for us, because we love building the best VW campers in the business. We have come to the conclusion that is simply makes more sense for us to focus our efforts on the greater good for the greater number. To that end, we have re-purposed our limited space on the GoWesty campus from working on vans to working on solutions for vans. We have doubled down on our research and development efforts to include a robust team of engineers working tirelessly on a to-do list of innovations that will keep them busy for a very long time! Rest assured: We will continue to design and engineer modern solutions for these iconic vehicles, because we want you to stay on (and off!) the road for as long as you possibly can! 

Important note: If you're thinking about purchasing a vehicle from anyone, we strongly encourage you to take the time to do your homework. We want you and your vehicle to enjoy a long and happy life together! 

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