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Towing Your VW Van

We get this question all the time: "What should I know about towing my van?" Well, here is what you should know…

Bus or Vanagon with automatic transmission: Never tow your van with the rear axle on the ground, period. One more time: your rear wheels can't be on the ground during a tow. This will ruin the automatic transmission. Your van must be towed on the front axle with the rear axle off the ground, or on a flat bed or trailer.

Vanagon Syncro (4WD): Never tow it with the rear wheels on the ground and the front wheels lifted, or visa/versa. This will ruin the viscous coupler and/or the decoupler, if so equipped. If you need to tow a Syncro, all four wheels need to be on the ground, or all four off the ground: tow bar, trailer, or flat bed. See photos below. Note: GoWesty does not offer any of the towing equipment shown in the photos.

Eurovan with automatic transaxle: Never tow your Eurovan with the front axle on the ground, ever. This will ruin the automatic transmission. If you need to tow it, a Eurovan needs to be towed on the rear axle with the front axle off the ground, or on a flat bed or trailer with all four off the ground.

Bus, Vanagon, or Eurovan with manual transaxle: There is no problem at all, tow away, on front, rear, or both axles, or on a trailer.

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