Power Steering: Can I Add it to My Non-Power Steering Van?

Yes this is doable on any water-boxer powered Vanagon, and it is all bolt-on!

This is what you will need:
Power steering rack assembly
• Steel steering shaft between rack and gear box
• Steel power steering metal lines from rack to pump
Power steering pump, pulley and brackets
• Three hoses: High Pressure, low Pressure, and bulk hose.
Fluid reservoir and mounting bracket
V-belt (10 x 1075)

And maybe:
• V-belt pulley on engine if you have a very, very early Vanagon with a pulley that only accepts one belt.
• Steering wheel—vehicles equipped with power steering cam with slightly smaller steering wheel

That’s it, plus a day to bolt it all on!

Note: We are working on an electric power steering rack that bolts in place of the original power or non-power rack! No hoses, pulleys, tubing, fluid—just a couple of wires to hook up, and voila! Keep an eye on our site, coming soon!

Check out the Schematic!

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