Shifting Issue: Tranny, Shifter, or Clutch?

As soon as someone has an issue shifting their manual transaxle, the problem is often misdiagnosed as an internal transaxle failure. In fact, most often the issue isn't with the transaxle at all. Here's a quick way to help you troubleshoot:

• If your transaxle shifts fine with the engine OFF—but NOT while ON, with the clutch pedal depressed— your problem is probably related to the clutch, not the transaxle. 

• If the transaxle has trouble shifting with the engine ON or OFF, disconnect the linkage from the transaxle (with the engine off, of course). Then, using the ball on the side of the tranny, shift through each of the gears.
- If it shifts normally there, the problem is with the shifter system, not the transaxle.
- If the ball on the side of the transaxle does not move normally, then you have an issue with the tranny itself.

We hope this helps save you some cash!

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