GoWesty Vehicle Purchase: Is My Deposit Refundable?

When someone wants to purchase a GoWesty vehicle, we require a deposit to secure the desired vehicle. Occasionally, folks ask us, "Is my deposit refundable?" As you can imagine, it would be seriously bad business for us to keep someone's deposit for a vehicle they don't ultimately want—and that's just not how we roll! 

Interestingly, in all the years we have been doing business, we have never had to refund a deposit for a reason that was within our control. Let us explain: Our policy is that we do not accept a deposit from someone unless we are 99.9% sure they will follow through with the vehicle purchase. For example, to buy time to "make up your mind" on a particular vehicle is not a good reason to put down a deposit, and we would never accept a deposit for that purpose. 

The point of a deposit is to secure a vehicle from being sold. The intent is for a person to be afforded the time to put together the remainder of the funds required to get the project started and/or to actually inspect the vehicle prior to commiting—to be sure that it is how GoWesty has described it. The former reason is completely out of our control, of course, and is the only reason we have refunded a deposit in the past: someone simply could not secure the funds to complete the purchase. The latter reason—the vehicle not being exactly as we've described it—is totally within our control, and it never, ever happens. 

So, yes, a deposit accepted by GoWesty is refundable (less the wire transfer fees, of course). But if we are doing our job correctly, it never comes to that. 

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