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Vehicles for Sale: What GoWesty Always Does!

What exactly is "standard issue" on a GoWesty-built camper? That's a good question, one that we're more than happy to answer.

All Vehicles

All the stuff that is supposed to be there: We take pride in the philosophy of covering all the bases. All of us have heard the nightmare stories about people who buy a vehicle long distance, and when it shows up it is missing "this" or "that." You know, the little stuff that can really add up. Like a passenger side sun visor, or the knob for the whatchamacallit, or a handful of screw caps, or new wiper blades. All the vehicles we sell—regardless of year or model—are guaranteed to have all the stuff that is supposed to be there, and it is all guaranteed to work. On that you can rest assured. You don't have to worry about compiling a long, thorough list of what you expect to get... we know what is supposed to be there, how it is supposed to operate, and we take responsibility in making sure it is all there and working. In other words, we've got you covered.

Interior: All seats, curtains, interior parts, and flooring that is practical to remove is taken out and thoroughly cleaned outside the vehicle (where we can get after it more aggressively). Whatever is not removed is cleaned in place with good old-fashioned elbow grease, and we always employ our state-of-the-art steam cleaner. No obnoxious chemicals or frangrances or oily, slippery gunk is used. We make sure it is simply clean, clean, clean.

Exterior: Most of the vehicles we sell are not repainted. In fact, the majority of the vehicles we sell still have the original paint on them. We go out of our way to preserve whatever is left of the original paint whenever possible. If a ding can be removed without breaking the paint, that's what we do. All chips and scratches that can be filled and color-sanded are repaired. We replace, repair, or powder coat any trim pieces that are broken or damaged. Emblems, decals, wiper arm caps, lenses... whatever it needs, it gets. If a customer requests a "like-new" appearance, we completely disassemble the body and repaint the vehicle with the best quality products available—this isn't standard, and it costs extra.

Maintenance back to zero miles:
All filters, fluids, belts, lubrication: new. When you drive away in a GoWesty-built vehicle, it is every bit like a "new" vehicle with respect to the maintenance schedule.

Brake pads and rotors, shoes and drums, and tires:
If any of these items have less than 40% life left, we replace them.

Other mechanical:
"Do all of your vehicles get new engines?" We get this question all the time. When it comes to the mechanical systems, we approach the vehicle on a case-by-case basis. The engine, transaxle, cooling, brakes, electrical, intake, exhaust, fuel delivery, and fuel injection systems are all addressed as needed with the goal of long-lasting reliability at the forefront. A GoWesty vehicle is not all new. These are used vehicles, and most of the vehicle is still a used vehicle when we are done. But, we address this reality in the written warranty that comes with every vehicle we sell. The bottom line is that we understand it is not in your (or our) best interest to turn out vehicles that are likely to break down. We do everything humanly possible to avoid this.

Body and undercarriage:
Unless otherwise stated, the vehicles we sell are guaranteed to be rust- and collision-free. On rare occasions, we buy vehicles with some body damage or rust. In those cases, we got to great lengths to thoroughly disclose all details, and we carefully document the extent of the damage and what was done to repair it.

GoWesty sells these types of VW vans:

• Vanagon hard top
• Vanagon hard top Syncro
• Vanagon full camper
• Vanagon full camper Syncro
• Vanagon Weekender
• Vanagon Weekender Syncro
• Eurovan hard top
• Eurovan Weekender
• Eurovan full camper

Model-Specific Work

Vanagon (all models)
- Power window switches (if so equipped) get moved to the dash
- The too-large metric sized cigarette lighter socket is replaced with standard size (for accessories)
- Small trim screws are added to front door panels where they always bulge out near wing windows
- Vehicle equipped with 15" or 16" wheels and tires
- Bilstein shocks are added front and rear
- High-powered headlight system is added

Vanagon full camper
- New LP tank installed
- GoWesty auxiliary battery system installed

Vanagon Syncro
- Viscous coupler is replaced with decoupler and solid shaft

Eurovan (all models)
- Engine water pump is replaced (V6 models only)
- Coolant plastic fittings are replaced on back of the head (5 cylinder models) or thermostat housing (V6)
- GoWesty lift and level kit is installed
- Bilstein shocks are installed front and rear
- Vehicle gets state-of-the-art 4-wheel alignment

Eurovan full camper

- Sliding door and rear hatch window coverings replaced with GoWesty custom shades
- New roof lifting struts installed
- New stove top lifting struts installed

And that, folks, is how GoWesty does it, every single time.


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