Session #60 - Madeline Rosene

Artist Bio:

This Westy Session stars Madeline Rosene performing two songs from her upcoming album: “Everyday Existential Crisis” (the titular track) and “Lobotomy.” Madeline is accompanied by Alex Windsor on guitar and Patrick Windsor on ukulele and bass guitar. This session features a customized 1991 Vanagon GL soaking up the sun on a windy beach day in Pismo.

Madeline Rosene is both sweet and raw, mysterious and brutally honest, unsure and in complete control, and playful yet with laser focus on what she wants: a professional career as a singer songwriter. Madeline started playing guitar when she was 10 years old after asking her older brother, Hub, to teach her how to play. She wrote her first song, “Scattered Dreams,” when she was 12. Together, Madeline and Hub started a rock band when she was 13 and he was 17 and already in high school. They played clubs all over Cleveland and Akron, sometimes on school nights, and their friends were envious.

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