Session #55 - Matthew Runciman

Artist Bio:

This Westy Session features the enchanting Matthew Runciman performing his song, “Black Sand Scrawls” in his 1987 Westfalia Full Camper named "Trusty."

Matthew Runciman is a Canadian troubadour, musician and songwriter based out of the United States. In 2019, Runciman spent four months in Iceland working as part of a collaborative duo known as The bull and arrow with Artist Danielle Galietti. They will continue their interdisciplinary works where they practice the act of translation of their art forms as their “first languages” through performance, installation and visual arts.

Trusty moves slowly and at his own pace. He ebbs and flows as the road sways. He vehemently prefers two lane back country roads to the Eisenhower Interstate System. He prefers camping alongside the Pacific Coastal Highway to the Midwest or Deep South. Every time Trusty makes it back to New Jersey, he locks up his windows in an act of protest. His best friend is an orange cat named Ginger and they enjoy talking philosophy. Often times Trusty waxes on poetically about his favorite Modernist Art, to which Ginger responds lackadaisically, "Meooow". And so he goes...and goes...and goes...

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