Session #52 - Little Wings

Artist Bio:

This Westy Sessions features Little Wings performing “Zephyr” here at GoWesty headquarters.

Kyle Field is the artist behind the band Little Wings. Field was born in Alabama in 1972, Field's family soon moved to California where he grew up to love surfing. In the late 1990s in San Luis Obispo, California, Field formed the band Little Wings, of which he is the only permanent member. As Little Wings, Field has released over a dozen albums, under the Walking and independent K Records labels.

Field is also an acclaimed visual artist, having earned his BFA in 1997 from the University of California, Los Angeles. His first book of drawings, "Put in a Nutshell," was released on the label Ahornfelder. The drawings include utterly detailed surrealistic objects, coloured patchwork-like patterns, Japanese looking portraits and sketch-like images. The wide range of material combines serious and light-hearted, simple and complex approaches.

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