Session #50 - Band of Comerados

Artist Bio:

GoWesty and 4 Peaks are proud to present Band of Comerados performing “Speak My Peace,” filmed at Camp GoWesty during the 4 Peaks Music Festival in June 2019.

Band of Comerados has come a long way since their inception around campfire jams. Formed in 2015, the band spent the better part of two years honing their songwriting and improvisational jamming by taking gigs at pubs, breweries, block parties, house parties, weddings and more. What followed were shows at venerable Portland venues such as the White Eagle, Aladdin Theatre, and Wonder Ballroom.

Band of Comerados keeps playing acoustic music that makes you feel good. With their new album, Trial & Error, the band continues to write songs that stoke optimism and positivity while addressing less sexy but unavoidable topics such as unrequited love and alcohol dependency. What sets the band apart is their intricate instrumentation, dual vocal harmonies, intense improvisational jams and the fact that these guys have so much damn fun when they are playing live music! In the end, through their music, you will get a sense that everything will be okay as long as we all do our part. Catch the band live in and around Portland and all around the greater Pacific Northwest.

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