Session #48 - CJ Neary & Maxwell Friedman

Artist Bio:

GoWesty and 4 Peaks are proud to present this Westy Session featuring CJ Neary and Maxwell Friedman performing “Not Right Now,” filmed live at Camp GoWesty during the 4 Peaks Music Festival, June 2019.

Neary (13) and Friedman (15) are natives of Bend, Oregon, and have been performing independently and together for years. “Not Right Now” was co-written by the pair during a jam session when they were busking some years back.

CJ Neary picked up the fiddle at age five and began cultivating his love for music. It wasn’t long before his talent and determination led him to win multiple national fiddle competitions and appear on the Grand Ole Opry stage in Nashville.

Maxwell Friedman was just 9 years old when he discovered a dusty Hammond M3 in the corner of his piano teacher’s garage. The sensation of moving the drawbars and hearing the Leslie spinning next to him was a magical moment that changed the course of his life—and set him on his current musical trajectory.
Fast forward, and each musician now commands their own ensemble as The Maxwell Friedman Group and The CJ Neary Band. It was an incredible moment to see the two of them team up at 4 Peaks, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


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