Session #47 - Rainbow Girls

Artist Bio:

This Westy Session features the Rainbow Girls performing “Something I’ve Been Meaning to Say” alongside a 1981 Vanagon Westfalia that has been converted into a chicken coop. 


Rainbow Girls are a unique trio of talent: Vanessa May, Erin Chapin, and Caitlin Gowdey. They combine heart-wrenching harmonies, emotive guitar work, and poignant lyrical content into an unusually beautiful sonic tapestry. Hailing from the golden countryside just north of California’s Bay Area, their music delves deeply into themes of the human experience: hopeful love, honest self-reflection, and pursuits of social justice. 


Their latest album, Give the People What They Want, crystallizes these ideas in acoustic amber, encapsulating a beautiful new direction for their evolving sound. 

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