Quality Used Vanagon & Eurovan Parts

At GoWesty, we're all about keeping campers—and camper parts—in the cycle. It's one more thing we can do to keep stuff from ending up in the landfill. If you need a quality used part for your 1980-1991 Vanagon or 1995-2003 Eurovan, chances are pretty good that we will have it!

If you have a Bus, we currently do not offer any used parts for your vehicle.

If you have a Eurovan Westfalia Camper, we currently do not offer any used Westfalia camper related parts for your vehicle.

How do I contact you about a used part?
The fastest way to get a response is via email. Shoot an email to with the desired part name or number in the subject line. Please remember to put your contact info in the body of the email as well.  If you can provide a part number or a photo, that's great! If not, a detailed description will usually suffice. Remember to include the year/model of your vehicle! If you want to call us, please ring us at (888) 469-3789. Thanks!

Where do these parts come from?
We have dedicated "boneyard" across the street from GoWesty. This collection of parts vehicles we purchased over the years that were just not good restoration candidates, but were great parts vehicles. Back when we were working on a lot restoration projects, having parts vehicles was a must. Now that we no longer offer vehicle restoration or services of any kind, we offer what we can—while supplies last.

What kind of quality can I expect from these recycled parts?
We only offer items that are in usable condition. If must be good enough to have been used on one of our restorations. Remember, though, that these items are used, and they may contain cosmetic blemishes or minor defects. Rest assured, however, that we will not sell you a faulty used part. 

Do you offer refunds and/or exchanges on recycled parts?
There are no refunds or exchanges on used parts. No exceptions. The parts are priced right, and you get what you get.

You guys don't have used Bus parts available?
We no longer part out Type II Buses. Sorry!