Bolt for Alloy Wheel

Part #: 255-601-139

VW Part #: 255601139

Works With: 1968-91

Weight: 0.25 lbs

Origin  : Asia

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Price Range: $4.45 - $5.45


Final Price: $4.45

Aftermarket bolt for all aluminum alloy wheels with conical (cone) seat. 19mm head for use with your VW supplied lug wrench. Sold individually.

• All years 2WD Vanagon front wheels - 10 per vehicle

Color Option: Available in black or silver. 

Not for wheels that require curved 'ball seat' hardware. 

Product Videos

All 2WD Vanagons with Big Brakes, 1971-79 Type II Bus, and all Syncro Vanagons utilize wheel nuts for aluminum alloy wheels.

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