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Wiper/Washer Switch

Part #: 251-953-519C

Works With: 1980-1991

Weight: 2.00 lbs

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Price: $54.95

Replacement wiper/washer switch.

Also houses the high beam headlight switch, so if your high beams are not working - this is usually the culprit. If your vehicle does not have a rear wiper this switch will still work for you. Available in black.

Install tip: If you want intermittent wipers, remove the small white plastic part that can be seen in the picture above.



Steering column switches rubbing on your horn contact ring?

The housing on which these column switches mount, as well as the ignition switch assembly, is attached to the steering column with one 8mm, internal socket (“allen”) head bolt. The hole in the tab on the steering column though which this bolt passes is slotted. By loosening that bolt, you can move the entire column switch assembly closer or further away from the steering wheel/horn contact ring. This is by design precisely for this situation—where the column switches vary in shape size due to manufacturing tolerances.

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