Sway Bar End Link [Syncro]

Part #: 251-411-049

VW Part #: 251411049J, 251411049K

Works With: 1986-1991

Weight: 1.25 lbs

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Base Price: $64.95


Final Price: $64.95

These sway bar end links fit all 1986-91 4WD Vanagon Syncro. 

Please select Left or Right in the drop-down menu. Sold individually.

Important fit note: While there were originally two distinct sway bar end links for the Syncro (for early-style stamped steel lower control arms, or for late style cast iron arms) we have found that the late style end link we stock works just as well on the early vans. The difference is shape between the two does not warrant stocking both, however, if you have just one end link that is broken, we suggest replacing both sides to ensure the sway bar connects to the lower control arms uniformly. Besides, if you broke one original end link, the other is not far behind. Replace both, cry once!

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