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Galley Cover Brace


Part #: 255-070-126

VW Part #: 255070126B, 255070126A

Works With: 1985-1991

Weight: 0.25 lbs

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Base Price: $24.95


Final Price: $24.95

This little guy is the extra hand you always needed. He tucks away unseen until the moment he's called to action. A quick lift of the galley cover and he springs to life, locking it in the upright position. Always faithful and never tiring, this hero of the camper kitchen lid is now available for a limited time. If yours happens to be missing in action, a replacement is just a click away.

Fit note:
Does not fit all Westfalia Campers! Please inspect your galley cover closely, and compare it to our images. Choose the early or late model from the drop down. 

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