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High Pressure Power Steering Hose Kit

Part #: HPSL-KIT

VW Part #: 251422893C

Works With: 1984-1991

Weight: 1.10 lbs

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Price: $101.95

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This nut took a long time to crack, but we're very happy to offer this solution for a leaky high-pressure power steering hose (original part number 251-422-893C)! 

This GoWesty-designed replacement kit features a custom-made hose with internal baffling to help reduce noise from the pump. The kit also includes adapter fittings at each attachment end—which means that the fittings on the hose itself are no longer impossible-to-find specialty parts. If you find yourself needing to replace the hose again in the future, it will be much less expensive with this kit, since you'll already have the hose adapters that you need. Hose features stainless braided cover for noise reduction and abrasion resistance. And it has a friendlier price than the original VW hose!

The only downside to this kit—compared to the OE hose—is that it isn't quite as quiet when put under load. During normal driving conditions, it is virtually the same as the original (meaning pretty much inaudible from the driver's seat). However, when you steer the vehicle while at a stop (especially turning the wheel to full lock), this hose will make audible noise that is about twice as loud as the OEM hose. 

CAUTION: The new orientation of the pressure switch places the electrical connections closer to the alternator housing. Proper length V-belts in good condition are required for proper fitment. Please pay close attention to this, and make sure there is plenty of clearance between the electrical connectors going to the pressure switch (one of which is 12V positive and is not fused) and the alternator. If in doubt, replace both V-belts immediately!

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