927 Days of Summer: Around the World in a VW Van

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From the authors of Drive Nacho Drive, we bring you their latest book, 927 Days of Summer: Around the World in a VW Van

"This is no hippie quest, it's a methodical embrace of a new life that simultaneously requires extensive planning, yet none whatsoever." - Jay Baer, New York Times bestselling author.

927 Days of Summer picks up right where Drive Nacho Drive left off—with Nacho loaded onto a container ship from Argentina to Malaysia. Watching your odometer click over to 300,000 miles in Malaysia... well, that can really get the heart pumping. This funny, heartfelt, and harrowing tale follows their adventures through Southeast Asia, India, the Himalayas, Anatolia, Africa, through Europe and beyond. Our promise: There are no dull moments in this adventure!

475 pages. Soft-cover.

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