Rigid Series™ Spare Tire Cover

Part #: RG-COVER

Works With: 1968-1991, 1993-2003

Weight: 4.00 lbs

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Price Range: $119.95 - $139.95


Final Price: $119.95

Rigid Series™ Black Textured ABS Plastic Spare Tire Cover for Bus, Eurovan & Vanagon.

These tire covers feature a molded black textured ABS plastic face that is stitched to a durable automotive-grade soft vinyl band that covers the tire tread and protects the rubber from UV sunlight damage. Owners love the easy slip-on installation, superior protection and upscale look the rigid tire covers add to their vehicles' rear profile.  The hard plastic surface is also great for your favorite stickers! Backed by a standard 3-year limited warranty.

Locate your tire size and select the related tire cover in the drop down menu:

RG-27: 205/70-15; 205/75-15; 215/70-15; 235/60-16; 27x8.5-14

RG-28: 195/80-16; 215/75-15; 215/70-16; 225/75-15

RG-29/30: 30X9.5-15; 235/75-15; 225/75-16; 235/75-16

Fit note: If you do not see your tire size above, search for a "Tire Size Calculator" on the web. Once you have calculated your tire's diameter, select the tire cover that is closest in size without being smaller than your tire. 

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