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Renogy 100W Flexible Solar Panel


Works With: 1968-1991, 1993-2003

Weight: 78.00 lbs

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Price Range: $189.95 - $214.95


Final Price: $189.95

Solar panels are one of the greatest improvements to camping in the last couple decades. When you've found a great campsite without shore power and you aren't ready to leave yet, a solar panel can top off your house battery while you're powering a fridge, charging some electonics, or running a Propex heater. If you stumbled upon one of our company campouts, you'd find a few panels powering our kegerators!

This 100W Renogy panel is super lightweight and consumes practically no space in your van while stowed beneath the rear cushion over the engine bay. It measures 48"x21.6" and less than 0.1" thick, weighing only 4.2 lb.  If you're more concerned about stability in windy conditions or want a more rugged, rigid panel, consider Renogy's 100W suitcase-style panel.

Options: Choose from bare panel or panel + 50' extension cable kit.*

*Get yourself set up to go off-grid with our solar extension cable kit.  This kit includes a heavy-duty 50' 12 GA solar panel cable that features SAE connectors on both ends.  Also included is an MC4 to SAE adapter and a polarity converter for SAE connections so that you can configure any panel with any solar charge controller that we sell.  

Note: This panel is sold without a solar charge controller. The Wanderer is a high-quality, low-cost controller and the DC-DC Charger and Solar Controller is an excellent value if you want a more efficiency and additional features. 

Listed weight is dimensional shipping weight only, actual panel shipping weight is 5 pounds. 

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