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Renogy 50W Folding Solar Panel

Part #: R50EF

Works With: 1968-1991, 1993-2003

Weight: 9.00 lbs

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Price: $139.95

Solar panels are one of the greatest improvements to camping in the last couple decades. When you've found a great campsite without shore power and you aren't ready to leave yet, a solar panel can top off your house battery while you're powering a fridge, charging some electonics, or running a Propex heater. In addition to tpyical MC4 outputs that can supply up to 50W to an auxiliary battery through your solar controller, this Renogy panel conveniently features an on-board junction box that can directly charge 5V USB devices, like cell phones, or 16V/19V devices with barrel jack inputs, like laptops.

This 50W panel takes up hardly any space in the van, with folded dimensions of 20"x16" and less than 1" thick, and its carrying handle and folded form factor make it easy to haul around wtih you. An integrated stands allow you to quickly prop the panel up to the catch extra sun. 

Note: This panel is sold without a solar charge controller, but can directly charge some devices. If you want to charge an auxiliary battery by using a solar charge controller alongside this panel, the Wanderer is a high-quality, low-cost option and the DC-DC Charger and Solar Controller is an excellent value if you want a more efficiency and additional features. 

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