21W Mini Folding Solar Panel


Works With: 1968-91, 1993-2003

Weight: 1.38 lbs

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Price: $99.95

This 21W folding solar panel packs incredible punch for its size! Lay it on your dash while plugged into the cigarette lighter to keep your battery topped up, or take it on the go to keep your devices charged during your outdoor excursions. It's compact, versatile, and ready to harness the power of the sun! 

Includes USB port and cigarette lighter adapter.

• Folded dimensions:11.5" x 6.5" x 1"
• Unfolded dimensions: 27.75" x 11.5"
• Max power: 21W
• USB: 5V at 1.5 amps


Note: We don't recommend leaving this panel continuously plugged into your stationary vehicle's cigarette lighter for more than a couple months (if your battery is already full). 

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