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Fuzzy Strip Kit for Sliding Window

Part #: 173B-KIT

Works With: 1980-1991

Weight: 0.50 lbs

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Price: $19.95

This is an inexpensive kit to replace the fuzzy strip on your Vanagon sliding glass window. Fits between the sliding glass and the fixed glass. 

Kit includes enough material to replace fuzzy strip on BOTH sliding glass windows (left and right sides). 

Installation notes: The installation of these strips requires the removal of the window from the vehicle—which means you will most likely need a new window seal to re-install the window properly (see related items, below). The sliding portion of the glass must be removed from the frame, which requires the removal of the felt channel at the top/rear of the frame and the plastic guide bushings on the bottom of the sliding channel. (NOTE: The felt channel is currently NLA, so don't mess it up!) Once the glass is out of the way, you can slide the old strips out and install the new ones, then re-assemble the window and re-install it into the vehicle. Basically, this is not a quick or easy job, and you should consider having a professional installation. 

Fitment notes: Will work on any 1980-91 Vanagon. If you do not have a full camper, you will end up with a small amount of leftover material.


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